I live in a spiritual realm, of light and wonder;

Like horizons stretching out over the sea,

Filled with thunder.

Sparkling light stretching out over me,

Colours so bright a blue mist comes on me,

Touching the sides of my reality;

Overboard subs of the brave actually,

Forefathers past passing on history,

Hits me like love in the deep open sea.

Where horizons come close to the truth perfectly,

And our search for the one is a formality,

That is given in life as a normality,

For the one, who loves you, who is true, who you know,

For the sun and the moon and the drifting of snow,

Hear my song, sing along, with the words you don’t know,

Oh I’ll listen and judge and makes laughs just to show,

The way you make me feel in this spiritual realm.

Oh the wonder and warmth of the light.


“This is an original work from me, James Finnie, Please only copy and paste if it is of benefit to my work and not for your own benefit.”

Destinies entwine

~~~~~~~~~~~Rojha murmurs~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

It murmurs to me, whispering with myriad voices at once in my senses, reality, the living vibration of all things, never staying still for a single moment yet in every single moment all things come together as one and so this murmuring, whispering noise becomes a constant crescendo echoing around the void in which I lay. Yet even though my existence is filled with this constant sound, I lay at peace in the knowledge that all things must come to an end when the purpose is fulfilled and my master’s creation reaches its fruition.

So many aeons of life have passed me by yet here I lay, ever watchful, patiently awaiting those times of prophecy and destiny where I can venture out and express the powers that were bestowed upon me so long ago when I was brought into mine own existence for the greater good of the light.

A familiar voice creaks through the void now, it has been heard before many times, that descending tone of the dark, the anticlimactic depression that is more breath than word yet holds the power to collapse the soul as it cloys to every part of the lives it watches.

I know him, that servant of the nether regions, the darkness, even Rojha, demon lord and sucker of the living. I, Blackcrow, was created to be the source of all knowledge and thus was every being and spirit made known to me though no creation could ever not know that voice of the dark, Rojha for he is everywhere in shadow of the light and cannot go unknown.

Yet I hear him now, stronger now than for many, many times. This disturbs me so I must turn my attention to it. He is on the prowl, serving evil, destroying, cloying, pulling down a life and attempting to claim a soul.

I listen to his dulcet, murmurations and follow them to their source with the transcendence of mine own spirit. Gateway after gateway through the void I travel; galaxy after galaxy and star after star do I pass. Through nebulae known and unknown, searching, following, hot on the trail of the source of darkness, Rojha until at last I find the spiteful, hideous demon lurking near that favoured planet of my master, even the Earth.

I see him though I know he sees me not, he is as yet unaware of my arousal or presence. I stay hidden in the folds of the fabric of the void, those places between the reality and the unreality (for all things are a slave to the comparative law of creation) and Rojha’s own stubborn pride stops him from looking round  for he is fully focused on the prey that I now observe is a human soul.

I wait thus, for the moment, to observe, to learn, to await the given moment when I may strike.

Chp 3. Darkness

This was the opportunity the darkness had been waiting for. Silently in the background of Anton’s life, the darkness had stalked and skulked, waiting for his time, the time that had been promised to him by his master. He had grown more and more impatient over the last 28 years since he had found himself attached to this soul but now that the soul was so weakened, now that the relentless sadness of the living world had seeped into it, damaging it to the extent where it was fully vulnerable to all other spiritual influences, the darkness could take his chance to do what he was designed to and destroy the life of this soul on behalf of his master, the dark lord of flies, Beelzebub.

It had been about 180 Earth years since the darkness had last been assigned thus, serving his master in the destruction of a soul. He knew that the soul must be powerfully blessed by the outer realm lords (or as they were known to mankind, angels) because it was only in special circumstances like this that the darkness was needed. These special circumstances were not purely based on the soul being blessed, it was more the meaning behind that blessing for it was rare for humans to be blessed so.

At the beginning of time when the Word began creation in his first utterance, light had spread instantly as all of life was made. As light spread, so it highlighted the dark and yet the dark could not and had never been there without the light for first there was the light which showed the dark. Thus in fact, the Word was the true master of the dark and yet had offered up that custody to the one who must reign in the depths, even Beelzebub. This was done for the sake of the overall purpose which had been prophesied in the knowledge of spirit since before creation had come about.

It was for this purpose, this prophesied event that often the humans were called to serve in the overall purpose. It was more accurate to say that it was the spirit of the human that was blessed yet the blessing held no power without the protection of the human soul, that breath of life without which no human could receive their spirit at all. Human life in fact held the secret to the purpose of creation without that knowledge being known to them yet, when one of them was blessed in this way and therefore became an intrinsic part of the prophecy, there was a part of them that always held a secret knowledge that they were part of something more than simple human life. It was this secret knowledge that caused such anguish in them as that of Anton; such a deep, inescapable anguish caused because they found they could not connect to their Earthly existence.

Inside of Anton was an inexplicable feeling that he was not meant to stay on Earth. He did not know how or why but he knew he was more than just an ordinary man, he knew he had a powerful, purpose bound spirit. It was this knowledge that held him bound to his sadness because it inspired his mind to always want more than he could have in life and therefore led continually to him feeling disappointed with everything in his life. This was what the dark was watching, he could not influence the human, only watch and wait, ready, anticipating the time he could finally strike against the human, finally grasp the human’s spirit as the anguish allowed the separation from the soul and the spirit started to drift back into the outer realms.

The darkness was not a conscious, sentient being. He was a figment yet a reality that had always existed since the beginning of creation. He was as old as time itself, older even that the devil himself who he served. He had seen aeons and ages of spirit, creation and mankind come and go. To him the purpose was as mysterious and meaningless as it was to the man himself, he existed and waited for that existence to mean something and in the meantime he served his own purpose in serving his master. He took no joy in his existence, joy to the darkness held no meaning at all yet now, as he reached out to grip hold of the man’s spirit and claim it in the name of hell, he smiled wide and breathed a silent laugh.

Chp2. Liquid living.

Anton cupped his drink in his hands, holding the small tumbler style glass in front of him as he stared endlessly at the gently rocking, bronze whisky within. Two partially melted ice fragments clinked quietly against the sides of the glass, the only sound in the room besides Anton’s slightly rasping breathing and the low crackle of his open log fire that burned slowly in the hearth some few feet away from him to his left. The fire was the only light in the room yet its dull glow made the liquid sparkle now and again depending on the movement of his hands.

He took another sip of the whisky and felt the slight sting on his gums as the liquid entered his mouth and he swilled it around before swallowing. The stinging sensation helped him to focus more on his environment. He needed this distraction from his thoughts, those reflective thoughts that plagued him. Thoughts, memories and unspent dreams haunted Anton night and day and whisky was the only thing that seemed to help to keep his mind from drifting entirely into that phantom, unreal, spent world that was his past.

Occasionally he would attempt to focus his thoughts on a future, certainly he hoped that somehow, in some way, his future would turn out to be better than the life he had lived thus far, it certainly could not be worse in his opinion. He would attempt to put the whisky down and imagine a world in which he was respected by those people in his life who mattered. He would dream of finally finding that perfect relationship with the woman of his dreams who would never pressure him into giving up too much of himself and those things that were important to him just to “earn” her love. One day, he would find a woman who was beautiful and intelligent yet quirky and fun to be around who could simply accept him as he was and not try to change him. They would live in a cottage much like the one he currently lived in but it would be their’s and not rented. They would have children, probably two and have a nice car and a holiday every year without worrying about debt. But there was he rub. This was the point in his thoughts that always drew Anton back to reality and back to the sting of the whisky; debt. He was up to his neck in debt.

Mind you, it was hardly any wonder really, after all, he had pretty much failed in every other area of his life. Every relationship he had ever had with a woman was now just another notch on his mental experience chart, just another reason for him to hate himself the same way his mother had hated him, the same way his teachers at school had hated him and his fellow students who used to gang up on him, push him to the ground and beat him or find so many numerous other ways to humiliate and hurt him.

The sense of unfulfilled ambitions and dreams, all those things that other people seemed to take for granted had the power to choke him. Tears were not enough and stopped flowing until the only physical reaction left to him was for a jagged pain to form in his throat from unuttered sobs that cramped and closed his windpipe to the point that only a remade cigarette and sip of whisky could clear to the point where he could breathe again. Yet even then he often wondered if he should clear his throat this way, why not just let it overcome him; why not just let the grief take him to an early grave; why not find out just what lay on the other side of the veil?

Chapter 1. The Word.

I see light. I see the future and the past in my present reality through the translucent cloud that is that world they call, The Realm of Love. That realm that belongs to the one they call The Word. I am Blackcrow, servant, messenger, traveller, transcendent spirit, chosen one, warrior, time drifter… I go by so many titles as I have so many roles yet, even now, I still have no idea of my ultimate role nor that of the Realm nor that of The Word to whom I am linked in loving servitude. I exist because all things exist and must needs therefore, all facets of creation are represented in the living, even us, the spirits who have life beyond life and even those of the worlds who have flesh yet even inside them the knowledge of that same life eternal that is promised to us all through servitude to The Word in love.

Though even I am here in the pre-existence of that worldly life, I have seen many things of the prophecies and promises of The Realm of Love through he that is all things, The Word, who chose me from all his creations to go out and about into his existence to see his mysteries unfold so I may bring that teaching to all those who are to come and question such things.

I see light which is truth which is to say, all those things The Word has shared with me through his mighty love, for the sake of his mighty purpose which as yet still lays as a mystery to all but he, yet that which we know is ultimately good and for our sakes. So I see that it is not for us to understand his mysteries, yet in life or at least in the living flesh which is above that spiritual life which is the true heart of us all, we must needs gather as full a knowledge of him, his realm, his realm to come and those things which steer us there through the graceful teachings he has bestowed upon us through the prophecies he has shared with us through that which has been spoken by his chosen few throughout the ages and the ages yet to come.

Ah yes, the life wherein we may experience flesh, senses, feeling, knowing in actual fact beyond that which we can only wonder at in spirit. So many worlds filled with the living flesh that houses so many of his spiritual babes, his children and lo, how I envy those Peoples who in their millions have no idea of their importance nor any idea of time and purpose yet they too have been as me, a spirit in the pre-existence who will always be, now and forever. My purpose is to serve my master in all that I am and I have been promised eternity in peace, I have nothing to learn but all to teach. Those other millions are they who have the free will to choose through that which is laid out before them in life, to choose the right or the wrong even when the right is broadcast to them in their hearts and minds without question or guile, or doubt, yet even then they must choose and their choice is all the more potent because of their living experience in the flesh and that life of senses which bring knowledge.

Perhaps if they knew that their lives are as eternal as the love of The Word who is all things, even life and creation and reason. Perhaps if they knew that they are more than embryo, more that fetal mortals; perhaps if they knew they are the pure and simple expression of The Word, borne from his lips in love. Perhaps if they understood the reality of eternity then they would always choose the right and shun the wrong yet even I know that without knowledge of shadows, light has no meaning and in this lays the true teachings of The Word, in burdens and yoke and slavery to the flesh does he teach them that they might appreciate his light and the light of the life eternal that is to come to all in due time and for due purpose.

Uncomfortable truth.

The main reason for this blog is to talk about the wonderful freedom that comes from knowing your own spiritual freedom.

People seem scared of that term, they think that in accepting a spiritual reality they will be sucked into the world of religion and be made to attend some church or other where folk are waiting impatiently to force-feed them with all manner of religious claptrap just to get them to sign over half their life savings.

To be fair, I thought them same way for years. It’s not the idea of spirit that’s scary, it’s the male dominated, zealot style religions that put people off.

The religions of this world are so loud and shout out their extreme views so noisily that only a bloody lunatic would join them. Unfortunately this means that people miss out on the real religious organisations that are actually of God and are genuinely interested in your salvation.

My project to attempt church unification in my local area has reached an amazing stage. Behind the scenes, the churches in my local town have already been inspired by the Holy Spirit to unify. They held a huge service in our local Baptist church and it was genuinely touching to see all the church leaders on stage together, showing a united front.

Unfortunately for the Mormon church, not one single other church leader will even discuss including them. The moment I brought them into a conversation I had with the church leaders, the reaction was tangibly negative. I might as well have invited a vampire and I was told that on no account would any local church:

  • Baptist
  • Pentecostal
  • Catholic
  • Anglican
  • Biker Christians
  • Salvation Army

have anything to do with the Mormons.

I did not pursue this. There are bigger things at work here and more to gain by moving with all the positives.

The problem with any unification project is in getting the general public to see that although there may be some differences in the style of practice or belief within Christian churches, we do all follow the same God for the same purpose. As I mentioned, the loud, scary voices have done a lot of damage with their extreme views and so it is made even more difficult to have the quieter, more honest and peaceful voices heard.

Religion blocks spiritual reality!

So we have to drop the “religion” of what we’re about and open up our spiritual hearts together.

I always ask (and did so the other night) “What would Jesus say if He was here?”

Would he stand and debate the rights and wrongs or grammatical differences of such an important message as the Gospel?

Or would He simply roll up his sleeves and get on with doing the work?

Spiritual freedom is not found in the practice of religion. It is found in the understanding of the message of the Gospel.

It is found in the acceptance that Jesus is the truth and the light, He has power and dominion over all the things in Heaven and Earth. He is the son of a living God and He died, having borne all the sin of the world, blamelessly upon the cross to show us the way to our own freedom.

It is in full repentance to Him that you find full forgiveness and from there you can start your journey into faith.

But you don’t need to worry about which church to join, you only have to find your own spiritual truth and knowledge of the Holy Spirit and He will guide you from there. If you end up being pulled in the wrong direction, He will pull you back. But you have to learn how to listen to Him. You have to identify how the Spirit communicates with you personally so you can follow His guidance.

You have to be strong enough to be an individual in your faith and follow your own truth. If you have any doubts whatsoever then you take them to Jesus in prayer and simply as for the answers to be revealed to you. Don’t swallow those doubts down without asking!

The whole purpose of unification is to provide one central voice for God. It doesn’t matter what church you attend so long as they’re an associate member of the unified group.

For years the churches have been getting things wrong by keeping themselves apart and arguing over details. Well now things are different. Now the voice of the Holy Spirit is speaking to them and leading the church.

This is the church of God. It has no title and only those who have been chosen will serve in any leadership position. God does not respect man-made titles or positions of authority. He is not interested in whether you’re a bishop or a cleaner; He only cares about how pure you are so your clean body can house a clean spirit and better hear Him when He guides you to your own destiny.

Religion blocked spirit but now God is stripping it away so He can truly be set free amoung His people and so His people can now find their own spiritual freedom.

Are you part of this great awakening? Have you felt the Spirit pulling at you?

It’s time to wake up and listen. There’s nothing to frightened of. Just don’t ignore it.


Good vs Evil, conceptual manifestation.


When I and other Christians write about our faith and how it translates into our lives, we tend to write from the perspective of Westernised people and not so much from a purely open-minded point of view. It is difficult to think in terms of anyone else’s culture or in fact not have any cultural influence affect one’s thoughts when bringing the idioms of faith into reality.

However, since End Time Revelation involves directly the very Western societies we are from then in actual fact we are lending a quality to the translation of the Bible that is very relevant and needed for those who need to hear it.

Perception is extremely important when you come to try to understand the Bible or the teachings and truths thereof.

We are each on an individual journey to find our own personal truth or personal relationship with our Father God and therefore we will each have a different perception of what the meanings of the Bible are. Like anything else in life, there are certain characteristics that are central to the whole concept/reality but it is also open to interpretation for the individual which is why God left us our free-will so we can make our own informed choices.

So, yes there are some central truths about the story of the Bible that must be accepted. The commandments, the history and lineage of God’s people, the existence and prophesies of Jesus, His teachings and miracles and the teachings and revelations of His apostles. But there are also many areas of the Bible where we are to form our own opinion and see things in our own way.

God made us in his image, yet each of us is completely unique. Male and female. So how can this be?

Do you think that God is an old man with a grey beard carrying a staff?

Nobody has ever seen God, nor can they. It says in Exodus that we cannot see Him because His sight is too much for us to behold. When He appears to people He does so as a friend, in other words He takes the form of your friend rather than come in His own form.

This is because God is a force. He is the mightiest energetic Spirit in existence. He is without body and is so huge in what He is that He has become a concept. Yes He is real, but He cannot be conceived in any normal way and therefore to understand Him you have to grasp the concept of Him.

Jesus was God manifested on this Earth. He came in a formed human body and when He was resurrected His body was resurrected with Him where it was perfected so His Spirit and Body could live forever. This is the example of His atonement, the example of what will happen to us if we commit ourselves to Him and accept Him. We will be resurrected into perfect bodies to live forever.

So in this we have been given the example of how we can be of Heaven and yet of the Earth at the same time whereas God is only of Heaven and has no need of a human body except in Jesus who chose to serve His Father in this way. Jesus is the power and might of Heaven and was made manifest so He could show us the way to that power ourselves.

Angels are celestial beings. They can take human form or they can take energetic form. Angels are shape shifters who take the most appropriate form at the time to suit their ends.

The devil is an Angel. He is not like Christ who is God’s only begotten son and therefore a celestial power who was made manifest on Earth. He is still a celestial being and therefore he has many forms. He can appear as a human, an animal or an energetic force.

Our perceptions of what God and the devil look like have been impressed upon by our own cultural history through art and historians trying to encapsulate visions people have had and so on. We have no real idea of what either actually look like and in fact I would say that both God and the devil will represent themselves to each of us in a different way. How they appear to me will be completely different to how they appear to anyone else.

Yes they will have certain traits or characteristics that will be similar but the overall appearance and reality will be completely unique to my mind as it is me who is manifesting them.

In this, they are concepts, parts of the mind that can only have influence when you believe in them and understand them. In fact, many would say that they are merely conceptual manifestations that you create for yourself to try to conceptualise your own inner fight between what you are told by the world is good and forthright and what your “shadow self” tells you.

Many believe that God and the devil are inside of us all and that religion is just man’s way of trying to cope with it. That the big organised groups were brought about to manipulate this truth and therefore subjugate people through fear because what they preached went to the very core of the ordinary man because every ordinary man had this inner battle raging between good and evil.

Add to this the natural fear and awe of nature that our forefathers would have had and you can see how easily influenced by religion people would have been.

But although God is conceptual because of His omnipotence He is none the less real and it is only because we cannot fully comprehend Him that He must remain for the moment in conceptual form.

The devil is a concept because he has retained his Angelic form and thus comes in different forms. He has raised his status to that of Jesus, almost, and therefore become our biggest fear and in this too has grown more as a concept than a reality.

But both God and the devil and in fact Jesus Himself are very real. It is just our limited, human minds that have made them concepts.


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