Traveller part 1

He rested a while, the traveller, who had walked so many miles in a day that his feet were now bare from the rough ground he had traversed. Hounded he was from hill to dale by those who scorned him on account of a misrepresented circumstance in which he had been made to look like a murderer, though of course this man, this holy man filled with love and compassion for all, was innocent of any crime, save for taking the blame for another’s misdoing in order to protect that person’s good name.

Yes, the traveller knew who the responsibility for the death lay with, though he would never say, for in fact the dead man had not been a kind and gentle soul and in any good person’s opinion, really quite deserved to be murdered.

He had been a notorious wrong doer yet fell under the protection of a gang of scoundrels who called themselves the Warrant Society. The Warrant Society were a motley crew of long term criminals who would rob and kill for fun and the murdered man, Mr Frank Thomas had been associated with them, professionally.

It was the traveller’s friend, Carl Travis who had ended Frank Thomas’s life on June the 3rd 1989 in the Northern English town of Rochdale. The circumstances of the murder were not yet revealed to anyone, the only one who knew the exact detail was Carl himself but the traveller would not see his good friend arrested for this crime and so, even without knowing fully why Carl, his friend had committed this crime, he instantly, on hearing of it, accepted the role of protector for Carl by confessing to all who would listen that it was he who had murdered Frank Thomas and he did not care who knew it!

Soon, as it always does, especially in a small Northern English town, this news spread around to the extent that not before too long, the Warrant Society had now placed a contract on the head of the traveller and sent word that he would be dead by the next morning. The one great defense to this threat that the traveller had was that nobody knew his name. He could travel around incognito so long as he kept away from his typical routes and was careful to change the style of his clothing and hair so as to appear different and not be so easily recognised by any who may know him.

He had done just this when he heard the news that the warrant Society had contracted to have him killed. He changed his appearance by shaving and tying up his hair under a hat. He wore his summer clothing though it was late autumn which did not seem too out of place and was still warm enough for him as he moved around which kept him warm from the heat he naturally generated.

He headed out of town by an alternate route to any he had used before and went south towards Oldham and Manchester city where he felt he could disappear into the masses of the populace more easily. He had friends in these places who would harbour him if necessary and he would be safe.

It was while he was walking alongside the road to Oldham that the chase began. He walked a quiet country road where not much traffic came or went throughout the day. When he heard a vehicle engine in the distance he would take himself off the road and either lie down in a nearby field or hide amoung some roadside scrub or trees until the vehicle went safely past, then he would continue his walk on the road. It was on this road however that he came a cropper.

After many hours of walking he felt extremely tired so decided to rest up for a while at the roadside. He chose to rest in a clump of trees with enough scrub to provide good shelter and block visibility from the road for any passing vehicles. While he sat, resting, he dozed off for some time.

Unknown to him, the Warrant Society had also sent a van load of men to investigate Oldham town for the travellers whereabouts. The van drove along the very same road as the traveller had chosen to walk down and with alarming coincidence had pulled into the same clump of trees for the men to get out and relieve themselves.

While the criminal members of the Warrant Society were urinating against the trees in this roadside clump, the traveller woke from his slumber, sat up and stretched out his arms to straighten out his knotted muscles.


About daffodillia

My whole life, both spiritual and temporal, has been spent in preparation for my release into my true destiny. My destiny is one of action and faith in the truth. The truth about who we are, what our purpose is, what the universe is, who God is and how His glory will be delivered to us through the chosen few who are called to serve Him. I am not the unifier, I am just one voice who answers to His calling through which I have been brought to His truth in order to share that truth with those others around this world who hear His call yet lack the required direction they need to follow and find Him for themselves. The truth, which is His glory, is your salvation through the acceptance of the atonement of His only begotten Son Jesus Christ. My purpose is to testify to this in a manner that all people can read and understand complicitly so they can find that salvation. In life I am living my ministry and serving my destined mission as His representative where I live in the UK but I have also been called to share this ministry with the larger audience through the internet. Remember: in every way God is real and loves you and only through understanding His truth will you find salvation and your own personal destiny. View all posts by daffodillia

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