Everything changes like the wind.

What picture do you think of if I asked to think about the colour YELLOW? Do you think about daffodils or the sun? Do you remember your yellow kitchen and how light ans wonderful it felt to stand in it? It doesn’t really matter what you thought of other than to say I would bet my life on it that you thought of something cheery and happy. Yellow is just one of those colours isn’t it? We always associate it with happiness and joy and light.

If we think of GREEN it can make us feel relaxed because it reminds us of the natural world around us. Green is the colour of trees and grass, so cooling on a hot summer’s day and so beautiful to see, blowing in a gentle breeze.

We associate colour with our moods and emotions and we express ourselves sometimes using colour instead of words.

I used to work as a gardener and after a while I saw that I was actually more of a psychologist than a horticulturalist. People love (an emotion) their gardens because they are a place to relax and unwind surrounded by colour and scents and beautiful shapes. Gardens are the emotional centre of our homes. They are an extension of our mind.

So why am I talking about colour affecting your moods?

I often see people blogging about how horrible certain situations in their life are or how horrible the world is and so on. I agree that life is not easy and we are almost continually faced with challenges, strife and difficult situations which can drain our emotions down to zero. But there are also things in life that bring us happiness and joy. The love of a family, the comfort of being in the arms of that special someone. Finding money in a coat you haven’t worn for over a year.

Life and the world are harsh, that’s just nature, that’s just the way it is. We seem to think we have the right to simply ignore what life and the world are trying tell us but we don’t. It’s like when you hurt your back. The first things you do is reach for the painkillers, then rub on some heat cream and finally shoot yourself to get away from the pain but in reality all you are doing is masking the injury and in so doing, you end up doing more damage to yourself because you do not adjust your posture to compensate for the injured back.

In life, we face adversity but our reaction is to numb it with painkillers. We use whatever we can get our hands on to avoid situations and to push negativity away quickly but in fact we do not learn how to face adversity and we end up hurting ourselves more by avoidance rather than with facing the situation down.

Life is fucking scary at times, but then so is a roller coaster. On a roller coaster you hear people scream at the top of their voices with absolute fear but at the end they feel disappointed for the ride to be over and they want to go back around again.

You only get once chance at this shit so make it worthwhile. When you die you will no longer be alive to experience anything so how do you feel now? Wouldn’t you rather feel fear than nothing at all?

We all know that life is not entirely scary. It has its ups and downs. This is the balance we need. Life would be boring without this balance. We live in a visual reality where comparisons bring deep meaning to us. Example: How do you know what is white without knowing what is black?

How will we ever learn to enjoy life if we never experience bad stuff?

The thing is though that what is bad news today disappears by tomorrow and is replaced with something good. This is how life works, it changes like the wind. You like Yellow because it shines in comparison to Brown or Black as a happy colour but without Brown or Black what it matter?


About daffodillia

My whole life, both spiritual and temporal, has been spent in preparation for my release into my true destiny. My destiny is one of action and faith in the truth. The truth about who we are, what our purpose is, what the universe is, who God is and how His glory will be delivered to us through the chosen few who are called to serve Him. I am not the unifier, I am just one voice who answers to His calling through which I have been brought to His truth in order to share that truth with those others around this world who hear His call yet lack the required direction they need to follow and find Him for themselves. The truth, which is His glory, is your salvation through the acceptance of the atonement of His only begotten Son Jesus Christ. My purpose is to testify to this in a manner that all people can read and understand complicitly so they can find that salvation. In life I am living my ministry and serving my destined mission as His representative where I live in the UK but I have also been called to share this ministry with the larger audience through the internet. Remember: in every way God is real and loves you and only through understanding His truth will you find salvation and your own personal destiny. View all posts by daffodillia

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