Life goals and expectations.

Have you ever wondered why what you have feels like it is not enough?

ImageThis is not a trick question, it is a very real question that all of us need to ask ourselves.

Why does what I have feel like it is not enough for me?

Have you ever heard the phrases, “Be grateful for what you have.” – “There’s always someone worse off than you.” – “Be thankful for small mercies.”

So are you grateful or thankful; do you realise there are people worse off than you?

Typically in life when we are growing up we are conditioned into thinking we need money. We see people who live in beautiful places and have nice clothes and nice cars and we want that for ourselves.

Given what you know about rich and famous celebrities, would you really want that lifestyle just to have that money?

Amy Winehouse

Similarly, do you realise that most people earning over 6 figures never see their families and live a life of complete stress?

Also, did it ever cross your mind that if you earn £70,000 per year and have great material things like a big house and a big car that you have more to lose than someone who lives in a rented flat earning £20,000 and has a second-hand car?

The more you have, the more you have to lose!

Nothing in this life is certain, you could lose your job for a multitude of reasons. Your house could go on fire and you forgot to update your insurance or the insurance company decide not to pay out and in the meantime you spend a year living in a hotel with your family while the investigation is carried out.

You’ve been self-employed for some years and not got your finances right, the tax man catches up to you and explains you have underpaid him for years and now owe £50,000.

You just do not know what is around the corner and it can screw your life up in the blink of an eye.

So what’s the good news? Why do we bother getting up in the morning?

You have to give yourself life goals and those goals have to be realistic.

There is no point setting your goals on what others want of you or what you believe you “should” have in life. What is it that you really want out of life?

A fast car is just that, a fast car. When you drive it you feel some brief exhilaration but after a while it gets to be the norm, you get bored and you want something different. You are unfulfilled.

A big house seems huge to start with and you feel like you are living in luxury but after a while you fill the space and realise your house is not big enough, you get fed up looking at the same view and realise the maintenance costs are absorbing a third of your salary every year.

You have so much money in the bank that you can go anywhere and do anything yet all you ever seem to do is work and your family sits at home waiting for you to get home at the end of another week or find time off to actually do something and even then, while you are on holiday or at home, all you do is talk about work, answer your phone or open your computer to see what is happening with your company.

We do not need money or material wealth to be happy.

We need stability.

We need inner wealth and that only comes from taking a good, long look at your life and an honest look into who you really are.

Be honest with yourself. What is it in life that really makes YOU happy?

Is it writing? Then write!

Is it having your family round you? Then change your job or where you live and have them round you!

Do you sincerely believe that beauty products, fashions, self tanning, celebrity TV programs and all the other shit the media led corporations and companies promulgate in our society is actually necessary for you to feel happy?

Take a step back from the world. Switch off your TV set and go out for a walk. Enrol on a learning course at your local college to explore psychology or creative writing or art.

Take your time, do not jump off the deep end and just turn your life upside down overnight. Think! What is it, inside of you, that you have always wanted in your life?

When you are old and looking back on your life, where do you believe you will see regret? In all those things you did or all those things you did not do?

While you were off chasing your dream of money and riches, what did you miss?

Do you know your children and do they know you?

Have you found the time to make amends with family members, does everyone know how much you love and value them?

When you are old will you be alone?

If by choice then has that choice truly made you happy?

People base their life goals on angry feelings they have towards their upbringing or the world (people) in general. They allow that anger to dictate their life goals.

They base their goals on what they believe the world (people) expect from them. They listen to and are led by the world (people) around them. The media sets its own expectations on us, trends and fashions tell us what others are doing and we want to be part of that.

But these people are missing out on the truth of themselves and are not truly happy or free. These people are still trapped in the Matrix, the world that the media and governments want you to believe in so they can control you and profit from you. You are being used and lack the ability to make a stand because this world does not support those who make a stand. Or so we are led to believe.

In all fact, this world has no influence whatsoever over any of us unless we allow it to. I accept that geography and personal or cultural circumstances have a major effect on our lives but inside each of us there is an individual that whatever our circumstances we can stand tall and be free from the rules that bind us to the material world and the world of the empty fool.

You have to look inside and find your own personal power.

You have to face up to yourself and the choices you have made and take a good, long, honest look at them.

Who are you really?

What are you going to do with the rest of your life?

Live as a slave or free yourself?

The choice is yours!



About daffodillia

My whole life, both spiritual and temporal, has been spent in preparation for my release into my true destiny. My destiny is one of action and faith in the truth. The truth about who we are, what our purpose is, what the universe is, who God is and how His glory will be delivered to us through the chosen few who are called to serve Him. I am not the unifier, I am just one voice who answers to His calling through which I have been brought to His truth in order to share that truth with those others around this world who hear His call yet lack the required direction they need to follow and find Him for themselves. The truth, which is His glory, is your salvation through the acceptance of the atonement of His only begotten Son Jesus Christ. My purpose is to testify to this in a manner that all people can read and understand complicitly so they can find that salvation. In life I am living my ministry and serving my destined mission as His representative where I live in the UK but I have also been called to share this ministry with the larger audience through the internet. Remember: in every way God is real and loves you and only through understanding His truth will you find salvation and your own personal destiny. View all posts by daffodillia

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