New direction

I’ve decided to take this blog in a new direction to follow the new development in my life that I have finally found the truth about the gospel of Christ through the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints or as they are better known, “The Mormons”.

Yes that’s right, I’ve joined that scary monster everybody loves to hate, the Mormon church!

Funnily enough they’re actually the complete opposite of what everyone thinks they are, nothing the world thinks they know about them is actually true and I’ve never met more genuine, compassionate, lovely people in my whole life.

The other point I need to make is that although they are a church and therefore an organisation, they don’t refer to themselves in that manner. They are a family, one big family who see their faith as a way of life.


Many people have said to me that it’s nice I’ve found something that’s meaningful to me at this time in my life and at least I have something to give me a focus for the time being.


What’s that supposed to mean?

This isn’t me finding a traditional church to give me some gentle spiritual comfort while I’m going through hard times. I’m a learned, educated theologian, psychologist, life coach and philosopher who has looked at the question of spirit and God, the human condition and emotion, my whole adult life and who could never find the absolute answers in anything I looked at but has finally, through the actual and tangible power of the Holy Spirit, had the truth revealed to me through the restored Gospel which is written in the Book of Mormon and having taken a fresh look at the Bible itself.

This church is not my temporary shelter, it’s the answer I’ve been looking for my whole life.

But here’s why I know it’s true:

As stated I’ve been looking at this stuff my whole adult life. I’ve thoroughly researched our origins, evolution, astronomy, wicca and other “pagan” beliefs, world religions, quantum physics, psychology and all manner of beliefs in order to either prove or disprove God’s existence. I’ve visited or been a member of nearly every church you could name and once became a lay preacher in the Methodist church. Finally I turned my back on the whole thing and plainly stopped believing in any of it when I came to the realisation that in reality, none of it mattered.

Then out of nowhere a friend testified to me that he knew Christ to be his living saviour and that he’d found that revelation through the Book of Mormon. Oh dear, I thought, another fool whose had the wool pulled over his eyes and can’t see the wood for the trees.

He asked me if he could talk to me about it sometime so I agreed because in fact I was planning to prove to him why he was wrong and just how naive he really was. Especially being pulled into what I believed to be the money grabbing cult of the Mormons!

So I set out to prove him wrong. To do so I agreed to read his book and show him where all the contradictions and faults were and show him how un-biblical it really was. In return he simply asked that I read it with an open heart to which I agreed.

I started at the beginning and half way through the first book (Nephi1), I texted him to tell him what a pile of BS it was and why I thought that. But he responded and asked me to read another of the books. I did. I read Mosiah and Moroni. They blew my mind with their detail and they spoke to my heart with the content of what they said. I couldn’t stop reading.

I agreed to keep meeting my mate and a couple of church elders and even though my eyes were opening, I still asked hard questions and put up a fight. I am not easily convinced of anything, especially religious stuff so they still had a long way to go with me.

However, the Holy Spirit had other plans for me and one morning I woke up crying for no reason. I am not given to crying and had nothing to cry about so I tried to shake it off but it wouldn’t let me go. I explained to “it” (whatever was making me cry) that I’d make time for it later in the day but it insisted that we “talk” now!

I went into my lounge and sat down to pray. I couldn’t pray. My mind was blank and no words would form in my mouth. After a minute or so my head was “pushed” forward into my hands with my eyes shut and visions started filling my mind. They were visions of the future, my future life.

Then there were visions of my past and the times when I recognised I was sinful. Conceit, arrogance, condescension, complacency, these all sprang into my mind and I realised I was being asked to repent, which I did.

After this I was brought back to the present and my head turned to look over my right shoulder, still with closed eyes. I saw a grey, squarish mass sitting on my shoulder, half merged with my head (the Holy Spirit) and the figure of Jesus standing some way off in the distance directing things and in that moment He was sharing His forgiveness with me and I experienced a second of pure, unconditional love. I can’t describe what that feels like but it melted me.

After this the visions stopped and I just cried uncontrollably for about another 20 minutes. After my sobbing stopped, I opened my eyes and asked, “What now?”

A sense came to me to “Make today count.” “Use this date.”

I asked how and in the corner of my eye was the Bible sitting on my coffee table. So I picked it up and using the day’s date 21:2:14 I turned to book 21 (Ecclesiastes) Chp 2, Verse 14,

“The wise man’s eyes are in his head, but the fool walketh in darkness.”

There is no way I or anyone else was in control of this. It was spontaneous and unexpected. The day of my awakening was 21:2:14 which just happened to point at that particular scripture and I became aware that in all those years of research I had been a fool walking in darkness because I had never asked with an open heart for Him to reveal Himself to me. But now He’d taken matters into His own hands and led me to His truth as revealed to me through the teachings of the Mormon church.

This is why I can without a shadow of a doubt testify to you that this is real, God is real, Salvation is real and the revelation brought through the Book of Mormon as translated by the prophet Joseph Smith in 1827 is the continued Gospel of Jesus Christ, my living saviour and that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS) is His true church on this Earth.

It is not a cult, they do not condition people, they are not sexist, they are not interested in money. Their sole purpose on this Earth is to save as many souls as possible before our Lord returns and I can absolutely promise any reader who might be interested in finding out more that you would be amazed at the power of this church, what it stands for, what it practises and the detail of its truth.

There isn’t a single person who could look into this church and not want to know it. But first you have to look and second you have to open your heart.

I stand as a living testimony to its truth.


About daffodillia

My whole life, both spiritual and temporal, has been spent in preparation for my release into my true destiny. My destiny is one of action and faith in the truth. The truth about who we are, what our purpose is, what the universe is, who God is and how His glory will be delivered to us through the chosen few who are called to serve Him. I am not the unifier, I am just one voice who answers to His calling through which I have been brought to His truth in order to share that truth with those others around this world who hear His call yet lack the required direction they need to follow and find Him for themselves. The truth, which is His glory, is your salvation through the acceptance of the atonement of His only begotten Son Jesus Christ. My purpose is to testify to this in a manner that all people can read and understand complicitly so they can find that salvation. In life I am living my ministry and serving my destined mission as His representative where I live in the UK but I have also been called to share this ministry with the larger audience through the internet. Remember: in every way God is real and loves you and only through understanding His truth will you find salvation and your own personal destiny. View all posts by daffodillia

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