Disappointing friends.

When people see something in you that makes them want to be your friend, they see what they want to see and not necessarily the real you. They develop an expectation of what you will give them when they’re around you. They like you because you make them feel good, they feel as though they can rely on you and they develop trust with you.

In fact they are developing a false sense of trust because it’s based on the bits of you that they feel they know without them really knowing you.

When time passes and your life changes, you change your mind about certain things and move in new directions. For example you may have always been a conservative person who has behaved in a shy, quiet manner and your friends like this about you because it makes them feel good that they can bring you out of yourself with their more open character. But through time, because in fact being shy and quiet made you feel that you weren’t really expressing the real you inside, you find revelation through studying psychology or going to see a counselor or finding some other source of enlightenment and this new knowledge brings you out of yourself to the point where you develop a new persona. You finally become free in who you really are and you love it. You are no longer the shy, quiet, nervous little thing you used to be and are now proud to be you.

But your friends can’t relate to the new you. You have stopped giving them what they need. This is not strictly true of all friends. Close friends will accept and love the new you because they always hoped you would find this freedom so they embrace it. But most of the people who you know will find you strange and be unable to relate to you, they may even feel offended by the change in you, like you’ve done something to hurt them by changing.

So where’s the disappointment in all of this?

Is it just that your ex friends have become disappointed in you because you now have a new objective view that they can’t relate to?

Or is the disappointment yours at the way they’ve suddenly shunned you simply because you’re finally expressing your true beliefs?

Well of course it’s both isn’t it?

I know that in the last few months I’ve made a good few friends after I joined the Mormon church. At first I really started to believe I had found the true church of Jesus Christ and although the way they conducted themselves in their church practices was odd, I felt that I just needed time to understand it all and so I still accepted the church as being what it said it was.

I made friends with many of the members and gained their trust because I was being open and honest in what I believed at that time.

However, time moves on and so do I, to new ideas and thoughts. When first joining the church it was an exciting time and although I had questions, I still accepted the base belief. But, I started finding answers to my questions and also started to notice certain unwelcome behaviour from some of the church leaders in the way they spoke to me or regarded my personal thoughts. Doubts about the church’s authenticity crept into my mind because although they covered their bad behaviour with a saying that the church leadership drum into them, “Hey, the church is perfect but not the people. So we’re not perfect.” this was just a disclaimer they’ve been given to cover the fact that they want full control over you, they want to eradicate your free will by forcing you to attend church every week without fail; stop asking awkward questions; stop having original thoughts about your personal, spiritual development or your personal calling in Christ’s name.

Some of the members/leaders were not so bad, in fact I still have a lot of love for many of the people I know in that church, so I want to say at this point, “Hey, the people aren’t perfect but they are blameless, it’s the church that is to blame here and it is far from perfect!”

So of course I have taken the decision to leave this church because of what I’ve seen and found out through the answers I found to those questions I had and I know that this will lead to those members/leaders who have considered themselves my friends, leaving me. They’ll unfriend me on Facebook and remove my number from their phones. They’ll feel like I’ve insulted them by expressing my own personal truth and being the new me, reaching out for my independence.

In fact I’m just being true to myself and am in fact the old me who has always followed my instincts in the most open and honest manner and I’m not insulting anyone.

In fact I wish they could hear what I have to say about their church and their beliefs without feeling that I’m attacking them. But of course, because I’m standing against what they believe, that state of mind will not be possible.

So at the risk of losing my beloved Mormon friends, here’s a bit more of why I’m leaving your church.

  1. I belong to Jesus. I fully accept His truth and His power and love in my life and declare that above all things I know He is my living saviour. I am filled with the power and love of heaven as it is brought to me through that most wonderful Holy Spirit and I know I have been called to serve Christ for the benefit of others in preparation for His coming Kingdom. You already know the power of my testimony in this. – I do not accept the subversive bullying of the LDS “apostles” or that false prophet Mr Monson.
  2. As members you don’t all fold your arms when you pray but this practice is rife in your churches because your leaders need you to feel that it’s perfectly ok. When asked why you fold your arms when praying you reply that it makes your prayer more reverent. In fact if you were to be more reverent you would raise your palms to Heaven while instead you are pointing your palms downwards away from Heaven. Your leaders pray like this because they are acting out an occult based spell that protects the members of the church from God being able to “tear them out of your arms” Ezekiel 13 and keeps the energy of prayer in the church pointed downwards towards their real master, satan.
  3. You pass your sacrament dishes, eat and drink the sacrament with your right hands even though it is widely known and even mentioned in the new testament that to use your right hand is offensive to God because Jesus is God’s right hand and to use your right hand is to testify that you think you are Jesus. Also you replaced wine with water as further mockery to our true Lord. Again, this is an occult practice that your leaders introduced.
  4. You gave up tea and coffee after Joseph Smith wrote in the D&C that members were to give up hot drinks. Any sane person finds this to be the most ridiculous and pointless commitment for anyone to make. It simply doesn’t make sense like giving up alcohol does. But in fact when you realise that satan’s most used weapon is mind control then you realise that if you can get the human mind to accept such an abstract thing as giving up something to ridiculous then you can get those human minds to accept just about anything. This has to be backed up with constant attendance in case you start to think for yourself and constant reiteration that “You know this church to be true…etc”. All part of the conditioning they need to instill in you to keep you “seduced…by Peace.” Ezekiel 13. “Peace” has a capital “P” signifying Christ so this scripture is warning us that the false prophet who leads the false church which is based on “lying divination” – occult – will seduce the people of God in the name of Christ. “I testify that I know this church to be the true church of Christ on this Earth through the prophet Joseph Smith…” Joseph Smith and his family were known to practice witchcraft, divination! So the very founder of your church was an occultist yet you have all failed to notice or question any of this.
  5. I fully know that what I am saying is the truth. I have researched it and the Holy Spirit has directed me to the answers and evidence written in the only true Gospel, the bible.
  6. I sincerely hope and pray daily that God is finally able to tear you from their arms through you finally having the truth revealed to you as it was to me. I am not exaggerating my claims. I am not mad. I am a perfectly sane individual who has a very clean and open mind who also follows the guidance of my Lord through the power of the Holy Spirit. I work daily in His service and I care about you all deeply.

I know that there will be huge disappointment in any LDS member who reads this but it’s the truth and has to be said. God has also provided churches ready to take you in to give you the care you will need when you wake up and get out. Aswell as revealing these truths to me He has also guided me to a church in Kettering and one in Rushden where the leadership are waiting to welcome you.

So there we go. Just a big disappointment all round isn’t it? The real God is calling you to wake up! He can hear you but you can’t hear Him and that is the real disappointment my friends.



About daffodillia

My whole life, both spiritual and temporal, has been spent in preparation for my release into my true destiny. My destiny is one of action and faith in the truth. The truth about who we are, what our purpose is, what the universe is, who God is and how His glory will be delivered to us through the chosen few who are called to serve Him. I am not the unifier, I am just one voice who answers to His calling through which I have been brought to His truth in order to share that truth with those others around this world who hear His call yet lack the required direction they need to follow and find Him for themselves. The truth, which is His glory, is your salvation through the acceptance of the atonement of His only begotten Son Jesus Christ. My purpose is to testify to this in a manner that all people can read and understand complicitly so they can find that salvation. In life I am living my ministry and serving my destined mission as His representative where I live in the UK but I have also been called to share this ministry with the larger audience through the internet. Remember: in every way God is real and loves you and only through understanding His truth will you find salvation and your own personal destiny. View all posts by daffodillia

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