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Why everything has to taste like chicken!

Boba-Fett-Chicken-CosplayLong, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away it was rumoured that everything tasted like chicken.

“This is a good thing.” Ventured the people who lived there and were eating everything.

“No, this is not good,” said the chickens, “we are all unique individuals, experiencing our own reality and all to be seen in our own personal light.”

“Hmmm, I see your point,” said the people, “but chicken is so tasty, it would be a shame if everything tasted like anything else.”

“But how do you know?” Asked the chickens, “If you have never tasted what anything else tastes like then how do you know whether it would better or worse than chicken?”

“Hmmm, I see your point,” said the people again, “but what motivation is there for us, the people, to stop liking chicken and develop a relationship with new flavours?”

“You do not have to give up liking chicken.” Said the chickens, who were beginning to despair at the ignorance of man. “In fact we want to encourage you to still like chicken, we want it to be your favourite flavour above all other flavours in the galaxy. We are proud of the way we taste and feel we are exceptional but you do not notice this because in your minds, everything else tastes like us.”

“Hmmm, I see your point.” said the people, “Ok, well from tomorrow then, we shall stop thinking of every flavour as tasting like you and we shall allow them, the flavours, to taste as they want to taste. If we do not like a thing then we shall stop eating it rather than fake the flavour.”

“Ok, right.” Said the chickens.

“Right, well that’s that sorted then.” Said the people.

“Oh bugger.” Said the snails.

So, right from the following day, the people stopped thinking of every flavour as being chicken and allowed each flavour to bring their own personal uniqueness to the people’s  mouths.

The people ate beef which comes from cows and realised how very tasty it was. It was nothing like chicken at all. Neither was mutton which comes from sheep and neither was baby sheep anything like chicken at all. These meats were not like beef either, they were in fact completely unique flavours.

The people were growing more and more excited as each day went by and more flavours presented themselves.

Pork, especially the fat which people called crackling, was exceedingly popular and apple sauce. There was a new resurgence in the people buying  aubergine, pumpkin, butternut squash and courgettes that previously the people had avoided because they felt the just tasted like chicken. Now the people got excited by a huge variety of vegetables and fruit too.

The galaxy was a transformed living space. More and more animals were being killed and slaughtered to feed the people who hungered for better and better flavours. Rainforests were destroyed to make room for the land needed for all the new animals to graze and for rich land barons to build vast glass cities where field after field of beautiful vegetables were grown in a forced atmosphere.

The chickens themselves were put into cages in barns and forced to lay hundreds of eggs in a short time and when that time was up, if the chickens had survived any of the many new chicken diseases, they were taken out of the cages and had their scrawny little necks wrung to kill them.

Chicken meat was still popular but not as before. The people were hungry for new things and in a deeply hypocritical move, they were hungry for free things, not things in cages. Oh dear, the poor chickens had been reduced to the lowest class of animal in the galaxy, lower even than wild boars.

“I don’t like this chicken, it tastes like beef.” Said a young child one day.

“Let me taste that.” Said his insistent father who gobbled down a mouthful very quickly. “By jingo you’re right.” He declared, “This does actually taste like beef and not good beef either. Taste this darling.” He added as he passed the chicken to his wife who also tasted the meat and concurred with her son and husband.

So now the poor chicken’s flavour, of which they were once so very, very proud was reduced to that of poor quality beef and the people ate less and less chicken from that day on.

“Oh woe are we who were so foolish.” said the chickens.

“In what way foolish?” Said the people. “You led and inspired a flavour revolution among us people that we would never have thought of ourselves.”

“Yes, we did this to inspire you though to prefer our flavour to that of any other flavour in the galaxy but now we have been caged and reduced in your opinion to taste like poor quality beef. We have ended up with egg all over our faces.” Said the chickens.

“Hmmm, I see your point.” Said the people. “Before, when we thought everything tasted like chicken we just ate a mild amount of everything and appreciated that the flavour was chicken. To us then, chicken was a fine flavour that we had picked out as the best flavour above all others which is why we chose that flavour for everything to taste like.”

“Exactly.” Said the chickens. “Where as now, you have discovered how much you like other flavours and are exploiting them and destroying your home to make room for them and you have become so glutted that you no longer care about the flavour and think that our flavour is no longer good.”

“Hmmm, I see your point.” Said the people, “We have done a lot of damage to ourselves and our home and to you. How do we redress this balance?”

“We are not sure that you can.” Said the chickens. “There are those among you who for years have been screaming out about how much damage you have done to your home and how much cruelty you have shown animals, especially your once so favoured chickens, but these screams have been ignored by you.

“You are separated from the animal kingdom because you have original thought and freedom of choice yet even when the truth is screamed out to you by your own kind, you cannot hear them and you do not care. Instead you grow fat and greedy and want more and more than you ever did before. You have become poisoned. We think it is all the beef you eat, we think it clogs your minds. You did not have these problems when you ate more chicken and believed in our flavour.”

“But we cannot just stop believing in these new flavours now that we have discovered them can we?” The people retorted. “We have other things to worry about besides your welfare. There are wars and starvation in the galaxy.”

“There is starvation in your galaxy?” Asked the chickens who were very surprised to hear this given how greedy the people had become. “So you have destroyed your rainforests and cleared your lands and developed super powerful corporations who have a firm grip on all the galaxy’s economy and yet there are still people starving?”

“Yes.” Said the people.

“And you will not do anything about this?” Asked the chickens.

“But what can we do?” Asked the people, pleading to the chicken’s superior wisdom.

“Ask God for help.” The chickens suggested.

“Who is he?” The people replied.

“God, you know, the one that created mankind, the galaxy and all the things in it.” The chickens pointed out.

“Oh, him.” said the people who suddenly realised they used to believe in a thing called God. “We have not heard of him for a very long time. He does not seem important to us now.”

“And neither does the balance of the galaxy nor the flavours you put in your mouths.” Said the chickens with sadness.

“So you think we can reset the balance if we turn back to believing in God?” Asked the people.

“Possibly,” the chickens replied, “or you could try believing everything tastes like chicken again, you might find that easier.”

“Hmmm, I see your point.” said the people, “Ok, well from tomorrow then, we shall try to get back to thinking of every flavour as being chicken.”

The following day, the people launched the “Chicken Revolution”.

They went to their supermarkets and bought all the chickens, so much so that the supermarkets ran out of chicken stocks and farmers had to grow more chickens. And because the people were now so convinced that their food had to be grown in freedom, the chickens were released from their cages and allowed to wander about in big barns and fields.

As the people ate more and more chicken, their tastes changed and they began to crave the chickens but the farmers could not produce enough chickens to feed everybody. So the people, who craved the chicken flavour so much once again, once again started to convince themselves that all other flavours tasted like chicken. This satisfied the people.

The people ate less and less beef and pork, so the land that had once been cleared for grazing was set aside for Rainforest Restoration Projects. The starving Peoples of the galaxy were given the excess beef and pork for a short while but it was enough time for them to grow strong enough to rebuild their communities and start farming for themselves as they were more productive and more able to control their own destinies.

Evil governments who caused famine and wars were voted out of power because the people, who had seen the errors of their ways, were not afraid anymore. Those corporations who had once controlled the galaxy’s economies were forced to share their business practises and allow smaller companies to flourish.

“How do you feel now?” Asked the chickens.

“Much better, thank you for all you have done for us.” Said the people. “You have helped us restore our galaxy back to a time when we were happy so now we are happy again and everything has a balance.

“Yes,” concurred the chickens, “everything has a balance. Everything tastes like chicken.”


In The Stars (Work in progress)

In The Stars

Have you ever felt that life just isn’t enough for you? This world and all those constraints; rules that we are told to live by, get in the way of you fully being you? Is being human just not enough for you?

Well, this is how I feel. There has to be something more than simply existing on this planet for a time only to end up as worm food, buried in the ground somewhere, no longer capable of any conscious thought, act or deed.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe in ghosts. I’m even dubious about whether anything spiritual actually exists at all. I think the term “spiritual” is another man made, concocted word used to describe anything we can’t explain by any other reasonable means. Is there any real evidence that there is anything “spiritual” out there in the void?

For me, the universe seems as complex as it does for anyone else. The existence or non-existence of God has yet to be proved and if the universe is expanding, what it might be expanding into has yet to be seen or measured. So, there is no real point of focus for us to use to bring a full understanding of who we really are or what our ultimate purpose may be. Yet there I go using the expression “ultimate purpose” and it is this to which I am referring when I ask those questions about how we feel about life and living under the constraints of being human.

There is a great expression that I love to use, especially for those xenophobes who cannot understand the “mind” of a foreign culture, “people are the same the world over”. It seems to me that wherever you may come from in this world and whatever society you may have been raised in, being a human being has certain in-built traits that none of us can escape.

We all want freedom. We all seek love and comfort. We all seek security and want to be left alone to just get on with our lives without any interference from any external source. We are all capable of feeling fear and we are all capable of self-expression through music or art. Even our distant forefathers painted on the walls of their caves to relate stories and exploits and no matter what our ethnic origin may be, we all had distant forefathers, the true history of whom has been lost throughout time.

I was raised in Scotland in a Catholic family where beatings were a regular occurrence in a society that believed that to “spare the rod spoiled the child”. I have seen how territorial people are regarding what they consider to be their land or their country and how hateful they can become when they feel it is being invaded by foreign emigrants. There is a complete lack of understanding from those who are indigenous in one land to those who then choose to settle there and this leads to whole communities becoming alienated from the rest of society and instead of integrating into each other there is nothing but division across the land.

This is not new. Even when I was growing up in Scotland I witnessed these differences between protestants and Catholics, Scottish and English people and even between those who lived in the North of Scotland and those who lived in the South despite them being from the same race.

Division; division; division. Aggression; aggression; aggression. Lack of growth; lack of understanding; lack of trust.

These are the main mind sets of societies yet as individuals we are very different. It’s as though we are afraid to let society see the “real” us for fear of ridicule or persecution. We have a tendency to just go with the flow in life, do as our peers do and meet expectations rather than express our individualism and be our own person. We become sheep, following each other and copy-catting each other’s behaviour.

Yet we are not sheep! We are all unique. We all have a unique concept of the world and of life; we all wonder what is out there for us. “What,” we ask, “is our ultimate purpose?”

In The Stars – where does it lead?

For each of us our ultimate purpose is different to anybody else’s purpose. We are unique, individual and alone in the universe. We seek the company of others because we can strongly sense our solitude and it frightens us. This is not true for everyone, there are some people who seek the opposite, they strive to be alone; they are frustrated with the world and with people and prefer to live out a sole experience.

But where are these feelings or intrinsic perceptions coming from? What is the source of our inner identity?

We learn how to behave and replicate trait characteristics from our parents and other strong role models as we grow. The culture and society we live in also teaches us how to behave and gives us values with which we then go on to judge others and ourselves throughout our lives. But these are conscious effects that we learn and copy. Inside each of us is a huge sub-conscious mind from which comes the “real” us.

When we lay down at night to sleep we isolate our thoughts and minds, we sink into our individuality and as we close our eyes we enter into the world of our sub-conscious. That is not to say our sub-conscious is asleep when we are awake, it is not; our sub-conscious mind never sleeps, but we are closer to it when we are asleep than when our conscious mind is alert and therefore distracting us.

So, our sub-conscious mind can now disassociate itself from our conscious, worldly mind and we can journey into our “real” self, the origin of our true identity. We might not recognize the symbols or understand the language of this sub-conscious reality because we are locked, for the time being, in our humanity. We are out of touch with our “spiritual” self and so we feel as though there are two clear parts of us. The part we perceive as being us – the conscious self that we know exists because we can physically sense ourselves and the sub-conscious self that we are unsure of because we can only reach it in our sleep. Yet, we do know that our sub-conscious exists; some people call it our soul.

This discovery of ourselves leads us to question the purpose of the sub-conscious. Why do we have this duality? Why, if we are ruled by our “other” mind, do we exist as humans at all?

This last is the question that leads us to seeing our true purpose because to answer it leads us to our true source; that place where we really exist; up there in the void and we realize that our human self is merely a physical representation of our real self.

Everything changes like the wind.

What picture do you think of if I asked to think about the colour YELLOW? Do you think about daffodils or the sun? Do you remember your yellow kitchen and how light ans wonderful it felt to stand in it? It doesn’t really matter what you thought of other than to say I would bet my life on it that you thought of something cheery and happy. Yellow is just one of those colours isn’t it? We always associate it with happiness and joy and light.

If we think of GREEN it can make us feel relaxed because it reminds us of the natural world around us. Green is the colour of trees and grass, so cooling on a hot summer’s day and so beautiful to see, blowing in a gentle breeze.

We associate colour with our moods and emotions and we express ourselves sometimes using colour instead of words.

I used to work as a gardener and after a while I saw that I was actually more of a psychologist than a horticulturalist. People love (an emotion) their gardens because they are a place to relax and unwind surrounded by colour and scents and beautiful shapes. Gardens are the emotional centre of our homes. They are an extension of our mind.

So why am I talking about colour affecting your moods?

I often see people blogging about how horrible certain situations in their life are or how horrible the world is and so on. I agree that life is not easy and we are almost continually faced with challenges, strife and difficult situations which can drain our emotions down to zero. But there are also things in life that bring us happiness and joy. The love of a family, the comfort of being in the arms of that special someone. Finding money in a coat you haven’t worn for over a year.

Life and the world are harsh, that’s just nature, that’s just the way it is. We seem to think we have the right to simply ignore what life and the world are trying tell us but we don’t. It’s like when you hurt your back. The first things you do is reach for the painkillers, then rub on some heat cream and finally shoot yourself to get away from the pain but in reality all you are doing is masking the injury and in so doing, you end up doing more damage to yourself because you do not adjust your posture to compensate for the injured back.

In life, we face adversity but our reaction is to numb it with painkillers. We use whatever we can get our hands on to avoid situations and to push negativity away quickly but in fact we do not learn how to face adversity and we end up hurting ourselves more by avoidance rather than with facing the situation down.

Life is fucking scary at times, but then so is a roller coaster. On a roller coaster you hear people scream at the top of their voices with absolute fear but at the end they feel disappointed for the ride to be over and they want to go back around again.

You only get once chance at this shit so make it worthwhile. When you die you will no longer be alive to experience anything so how do you feel now? Wouldn’t you rather feel fear than nothing at all?

We all know that life is not entirely scary. It has its ups and downs. This is the balance we need. Life would be boring without this balance. We live in a visual reality where comparisons bring deep meaning to us. Example: How do you know what is white without knowing what is black?

How will we ever learn to enjoy life if we never experience bad stuff?

The thing is though that what is bad news today disappears by tomorrow and is replaced with something good. This is how life works, it changes like the wind. You like Yellow because it shines in comparison to Brown or Black as a happy colour but without Brown or Black what it matter?

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