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Chapter 1. The Word.

I see light. I see the future and the past in my present reality through the translucent cloud that is that world they call, The Realm of Love. That realm that belongs to the one they call The Word. I am Blackcrow, servant, messenger, traveller, transcendent spirit, chosen one, warrior, time drifter… I go by so many titles as I have so many roles yet, even now, I still have no idea of my ultimate role nor that of the Realm nor that of The Word to whom I am linked in loving servitude. I exist because all things exist and must needs therefore, all facets of creation are represented in the living, even us, the spirits who have life beyond life and even those of the worlds who have flesh yet even inside them the knowledge of that same life eternal that is promised to us all through servitude to The Word in love.

Though even I am here in the pre-existence of that worldly life, I have seen many things of the prophecies and promises of The Realm of Love through he that is all things, The Word, who chose me from all his creations to go out and about into his existence to see his mysteries unfold so I may bring that teaching to all those who are to come and question such things.

I see light which is truth which is to say, all those things The Word has shared with me through his mighty love, for the sake of his mighty purpose which as yet still lays as a mystery to all but he, yet that which we know is ultimately good and for our sakes. So I see that it is not for us to understand his mysteries, yet in life or at least in the living flesh which is above that spiritual life which is the true heart of us all, we must needs gather as full a knowledge of him, his realm, his realm to come and those things which steer us there through the graceful teachings he has bestowed upon us through the prophecies he has shared with us through that which has been spoken by his chosen few throughout the ages and the ages yet to come.

Ah yes, the life wherein we may experience flesh, senses, feeling, knowing in actual fact beyond that which we can only wonder at in spirit. So many worlds filled with the living flesh that houses so many of his spiritual babes, his children and lo, how I envy those Peoples who in their millions have no idea of their importance nor any idea of time and purpose yet they too have been as me, a spirit in the pre-existence who will always be, now and forever. My purpose is to serve my master in all that I am and I have been promised eternity in peace, I have nothing to learn but all to teach. Those other millions are they who have the free will to choose through that which is laid out before them in life, to choose the right or the wrong even when the right is broadcast to them in their hearts and minds without question or guile, or doubt, yet even then they must choose and their choice is all the more potent because of their living experience in the flesh and that life of senses which bring knowledge.

Perhaps if they knew that their lives are as eternal as the love of The Word who is all things, even life and creation and reason. Perhaps if they knew that they are more than embryo, more that fetal mortals; perhaps if they knew they are the pure and simple expression of The Word, borne from his lips in love. Perhaps if they understood the reality of eternity then they would always choose the right and shun the wrong yet even I know that without knowledge of shadows, light has no meaning and in this lays the true teachings of The Word, in burdens and yoke and slavery to the flesh does he teach them that they might appreciate his light and the light of the life eternal that is to come to all in due time and for due purpose.


Uncomfortable truth.

The main reason for this blog is to talk about the wonderful freedom that comes from knowing your own spiritual freedom.

People seem scared of that term, they think that in accepting a spiritual reality they will be sucked into the world of religion and be made to attend some church or other where folk are waiting impatiently to force-feed them with all manner of religious claptrap just to get them to sign over half their life savings.

To be fair, I thought them same way for years. It’s not the idea of spirit that’s scary, it’s the male dominated, zealot style religions that put people off.

The religions of this world are so loud and shout out their extreme views so noisily that only a bloody lunatic would join them. Unfortunately this means that people miss out on the real religious organisations that are actually of God and are genuinely interested in your salvation.

My project to attempt church unification in my local area has reached an amazing stage. Behind the scenes, the churches in my local town have already been inspired by the Holy Spirit to unify. They held a huge service in our local Baptist church and it was genuinely touching to see all the church leaders on stage together, showing a united front.

Unfortunately for the Mormon church, not one single other church leader will even discuss including them. The moment I brought them into a conversation I had with the church leaders, the reaction was tangibly negative. I might as well have invited a vampire and I was told that on no account would any local church:

  • Baptist
  • Pentecostal
  • Catholic
  • Anglican
  • Biker Christians
  • Salvation Army

have anything to do with the Mormons.

I did not pursue this. There are bigger things at work here and more to gain by moving with all the positives.

The problem with any unification project is in getting the general public to see that although there may be some differences in the style of practice or belief within Christian churches, we do all follow the same God for the same purpose. As I mentioned, the loud, scary voices have done a lot of damage with their extreme views and so it is made even more difficult to have the quieter, more honest and peaceful voices heard.

Religion blocks spiritual reality!

So we have to drop the “religion” of what we’re about and open up our spiritual hearts together.

I always ask (and did so the other night) “What would Jesus say if He was here?”

Would he stand and debate the rights and wrongs or grammatical differences of such an important message as the Gospel?

Or would He simply roll up his sleeves and get on with doing the work?

Spiritual freedom is not found in the practice of religion. It is found in the understanding of the message of the Gospel.

It is found in the acceptance that Jesus is the truth and the light, He has power and dominion over all the things in Heaven and Earth. He is the son of a living God and He died, having borne all the sin of the world, blamelessly upon the cross to show us the way to our own freedom.

It is in full repentance to Him that you find full forgiveness and from there you can start your journey into faith.

But you don’t need to worry about which church to join, you only have to find your own spiritual truth and knowledge of the Holy Spirit and He will guide you from there. If you end up being pulled in the wrong direction, He will pull you back. But you have to learn how to listen to Him. You have to identify how the Spirit communicates with you personally so you can follow His guidance.

You have to be strong enough to be an individual in your faith and follow your own truth. If you have any doubts whatsoever then you take them to Jesus in prayer and simply as for the answers to be revealed to you. Don’t swallow those doubts down without asking!

The whole purpose of unification is to provide one central voice for God. It doesn’t matter what church you attend so long as they’re an associate member of the unified group.

For years the churches have been getting things wrong by keeping themselves apart and arguing over details. Well now things are different. Now the voice of the Holy Spirit is speaking to them and leading the church.

This is the church of God. It has no title and only those who have been chosen will serve in any leadership position. God does not respect man-made titles or positions of authority. He is not interested in whether you’re a bishop or a cleaner; He only cares about how pure you are so your clean body can house a clean spirit and better hear Him when He guides you to your own destiny.

Religion blocked spirit but now God is stripping it away so He can truly be set free amoung His people and so His people can now find their own spiritual freedom.

Are you part of this great awakening? Have you felt the Spirit pulling at you?

It’s time to wake up and listen. There’s nothing to frightened of. Just don’t ignore it.


The truth?

The mysteries of God are multifold and fully beyond our human comprehension; it is only in the opening up to the Spirit, awakening, that His magnificent truths are revealed.

We are blinded by our own desires.

  • our desire to let go
  • our desire to be free
  • our desire to know all things
  • our desire to achieve full enlightenment

These desires cloud us because we cannot think of anything else. Everything we read or hear is shaped to suit these desires either in supporting them or opposing them and so, in this state, we are blind to the true meaning of what we read or hear.

Only by the grace of God through the power of the Holy Spirit can the truth be revealed.

We must be:

  • calm
  • quieten the noise of our hearts that it is our heads
  • stop searching
  • allow Him to come to us!

Make no mistake in this, He is constantly with us and constantly speaking to us but it is the noise within us that stops Him being heard.

His teachings are simple yet we bring complication to them as we try to make them fit our lives instead of making our lives fit His teachings. Then, because we cannot see or hear the truth we seek, we reject its persuasion in our lives saying, “If it were true then it would be easier to understand.” without realising that we are putting our own obstacles in the way.

“Verily I say unto you, except ye be converted and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.” (Matt: 18:3)

Little children do not question the way we do, the noise in their hearts is not so loud as to deafen them to the Lord’s voice. They also have a sense of knowing the truth when they hear it. A child can sense corruption because they are pure and their instincts have not been blunted by doubt and disappointment. How much of this sense do you still retain?

We constantly search for the answers to life and although we have turned our backs on religion, we still thirst for a full knowledge of God, we thirst for His love to be in our lives.

The good news is that you can have this without the need to turn to religion. All you have to do is find a Bible and ask the Lord to show you what it means.

  • settle your mind and calm your heart so the noise in you dies down
  • rid yourself of expectations and open yourself to whatever might come
  • close your eyes and silently pray from your heart for God to show you His truth through the power of the Holy Spirit
  • do nothing until you feel a compulsion to do so
  • then, once this process has been started in you, just follow your heart to where you are led through scripture and in your life.
  • recognise the blessings that will come your way
  • never be frightened to admit your truth

The truth of God’s mysteries is actually not all that complicated. Once you begin to see them and to adjust to the new relationship you will develop with the beloved Holy Spirit, those questions you once had will not only be answered in words that you can understand easily but many of them will lose their meaning because actually the truth is more simple than you think.

The development of what you do with this truth you find is the complicated bit. It’s like wearing a new skin. You are compelled to act in faith because of what you now know but have to get used to wearing it. This is where the Holy Spirit really comes into His own. When you are faced with these situations you simply raise your concerns to God through prayer and ask that His will be done not yours. The Holy Spirit will then guide you to the answers.

Always be aware that God has never left us. He loves us but needs us to come to know Him in our own way and in our own time. He uses people like me to spread His word and bring others to Him which we do gladly because it is a great honour to be used in this way but the path to His truth is always open to the individual despite what I might say and that is the freewill He has blessed us with.

It is only through our personal enlightenment in Him and by His grace that the kingdom will be revealed on this Earth. Nobody can force you, all we can do is testify the truth that has been revealed to us and allow His will to be done, not ours.



New direction

I’ve decided to take this blog in a new direction to follow the new development in my life that I have finally found the truth about the gospel of Christ through the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints or as they are better known, “The Mormons”.

Yes that’s right, I’ve joined that scary monster everybody loves to hate, the Mormon church!

Funnily enough they’re actually the complete opposite of what everyone thinks they are, nothing the world thinks they know about them is actually true and I’ve never met more genuine, compassionate, lovely people in my whole life.

The other point I need to make is that although they are a church and therefore an organisation, they don’t refer to themselves in that manner. They are a family, one big family who see their faith as a way of life.


Many people have said to me that it’s nice I’ve found something that’s meaningful to me at this time in my life and at least I have something to give me a focus for the time being.


What’s that supposed to mean?

This isn’t me finding a traditional church to give me some gentle spiritual comfort while I’m going through hard times. I’m a learned, educated theologian, psychologist, life coach and philosopher who has looked at the question of spirit and God, the human condition and emotion, my whole adult life and who could never find the absolute answers in anything I looked at but has finally, through the actual and tangible power of the Holy Spirit, had the truth revealed to me through the restored Gospel which is written in the Book of Mormon and having taken a fresh look at the Bible itself.

This church is not my temporary shelter, it’s the answer I’ve been looking for my whole life.

But here’s why I know it’s true:

As stated I’ve been looking at this stuff my whole adult life. I’ve thoroughly researched our origins, evolution, astronomy, wicca and other “pagan” beliefs, world religions, quantum physics, psychology and all manner of beliefs in order to either prove or disprove God’s existence. I’ve visited or been a member of nearly every church you could name and once became a lay preacher in the Methodist church. Finally I turned my back on the whole thing and plainly stopped believing in any of it when I came to the realisation that in reality, none of it mattered.

Then out of nowhere a friend testified to me that he knew Christ to be his living saviour and that he’d found that revelation through the Book of Mormon. Oh dear, I thought, another fool whose had the wool pulled over his eyes and can’t see the wood for the trees.

He asked me if he could talk to me about it sometime so I agreed because in fact I was planning to prove to him why he was wrong and just how naive he really was. Especially being pulled into what I believed to be the money grabbing cult of the Mormons!

So I set out to prove him wrong. To do so I agreed to read his book and show him where all the contradictions and faults were and show him how un-biblical it really was. In return he simply asked that I read it with an open heart to which I agreed.

I started at the beginning and half way through the first book (Nephi1), I texted him to tell him what a pile of BS it was and why I thought that. But he responded and asked me to read another of the books. I did. I read Mosiah and Moroni. They blew my mind with their detail and they spoke to my heart with the content of what they said. I couldn’t stop reading.

I agreed to keep meeting my mate and a couple of church elders and even though my eyes were opening, I still asked hard questions and put up a fight. I am not easily convinced of anything, especially religious stuff so they still had a long way to go with me.

However, the Holy Spirit had other plans for me and one morning I woke up crying for no reason. I am not given to crying and had nothing to cry about so I tried to shake it off but it wouldn’t let me go. I explained to “it” (whatever was making me cry) that I’d make time for it later in the day but it insisted that we “talk” now!

I went into my lounge and sat down to pray. I couldn’t pray. My mind was blank and no words would form in my mouth. After a minute or so my head was “pushed” forward into my hands with my eyes shut and visions started filling my mind. They were visions of the future, my future life.

Then there were visions of my past and the times when I recognised I was sinful. Conceit, arrogance, condescension, complacency, these all sprang into my mind and I realised I was being asked to repent, which I did.

After this I was brought back to the present and my head turned to look over my right shoulder, still with closed eyes. I saw a grey, squarish mass sitting on my shoulder, half merged with my head (the Holy Spirit) and the figure of Jesus standing some way off in the distance directing things and in that moment He was sharing His forgiveness with me and I experienced a second of pure, unconditional love. I can’t describe what that feels like but it melted me.

After this the visions stopped and I just cried uncontrollably for about another 20 minutes. After my sobbing stopped, I opened my eyes and asked, “What now?”

A sense came to me to “Make today count.” “Use this date.”

I asked how and in the corner of my eye was the Bible sitting on my coffee table. So I picked it up and using the day’s date 21:2:14 I turned to book 21 (Ecclesiastes) Chp 2, Verse 14,

“The wise man’s eyes are in his head, but the fool walketh in darkness.”

There is no way I or anyone else was in control of this. It was spontaneous and unexpected. The day of my awakening was 21:2:14 which just happened to point at that particular scripture and I became aware that in all those years of research I had been a fool walking in darkness because I had never asked with an open heart for Him to reveal Himself to me. But now He’d taken matters into His own hands and led me to His truth as revealed to me through the teachings of the Mormon church.

This is why I can without a shadow of a doubt testify to you that this is real, God is real, Salvation is real and the revelation brought through the Book of Mormon as translated by the prophet Joseph Smith in 1827 is the continued Gospel of Jesus Christ, my living saviour and that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS) is His true church on this Earth.

It is not a cult, they do not condition people, they are not sexist, they are not interested in money. Their sole purpose on this Earth is to save as many souls as possible before our Lord returns and I can absolutely promise any reader who might be interested in finding out more that you would be amazed at the power of this church, what it stands for, what it practises and the detail of its truth.

There isn’t a single person who could look into this church and not want to know it. But first you have to look and second you have to open your heart.

I stand as a living testimony to its truth.

Why everything has to taste like chicken!

Boba-Fett-Chicken-CosplayLong, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away it was rumoured that everything tasted like chicken.

“This is a good thing.” Ventured the people who lived there and were eating everything.

“No, this is not good,” said the chickens, “we are all unique individuals, experiencing our own reality and all to be seen in our own personal light.”

“Hmmm, I see your point,” said the people, “but chicken is so tasty, it would be a shame if everything tasted like anything else.”

“But how do you know?” Asked the chickens, “If you have never tasted what anything else tastes like then how do you know whether it would better or worse than chicken?”

“Hmmm, I see your point,” said the people again, “but what motivation is there for us, the people, to stop liking chicken and develop a relationship with new flavours?”

“You do not have to give up liking chicken.” Said the chickens, who were beginning to despair at the ignorance of man. “In fact we want to encourage you to still like chicken, we want it to be your favourite flavour above all other flavours in the galaxy. We are proud of the way we taste and feel we are exceptional but you do not notice this because in your minds, everything else tastes like us.”

“Hmmm, I see your point.” said the people, “Ok, well from tomorrow then, we shall stop thinking of every flavour as tasting like you and we shall allow them, the flavours, to taste as they want to taste. If we do not like a thing then we shall stop eating it rather than fake the flavour.”

“Ok, right.” Said the chickens.

“Right, well that’s that sorted then.” Said the people.

“Oh bugger.” Said the snails.

So, right from the following day, the people stopped thinking of every flavour as being chicken and allowed each flavour to bring their own personal uniqueness to the people’s  mouths.

The people ate beef which comes from cows and realised how very tasty it was. It was nothing like chicken at all. Neither was mutton which comes from sheep and neither was baby sheep anything like chicken at all. These meats were not like beef either, they were in fact completely unique flavours.

The people were growing more and more excited as each day went by and more flavours presented themselves.

Pork, especially the fat which people called crackling, was exceedingly popular and apple sauce. There was a new resurgence in the people buying  aubergine, pumpkin, butternut squash and courgettes that previously the people had avoided because they felt the just tasted like chicken. Now the people got excited by a huge variety of vegetables and fruit too.

The galaxy was a transformed living space. More and more animals were being killed and slaughtered to feed the people who hungered for better and better flavours. Rainforests were destroyed to make room for the land needed for all the new animals to graze and for rich land barons to build vast glass cities where field after field of beautiful vegetables were grown in a forced atmosphere.

The chickens themselves were put into cages in barns and forced to lay hundreds of eggs in a short time and when that time was up, if the chickens had survived any of the many new chicken diseases, they were taken out of the cages and had their scrawny little necks wrung to kill them.

Chicken meat was still popular but not as before. The people were hungry for new things and in a deeply hypocritical move, they were hungry for free things, not things in cages. Oh dear, the poor chickens had been reduced to the lowest class of animal in the galaxy, lower even than wild boars.

“I don’t like this chicken, it tastes like beef.” Said a young child one day.

“Let me taste that.” Said his insistent father who gobbled down a mouthful very quickly. “By jingo you’re right.” He declared, “This does actually taste like beef and not good beef either. Taste this darling.” He added as he passed the chicken to his wife who also tasted the meat and concurred with her son and husband.

So now the poor chicken’s flavour, of which they were once so very, very proud was reduced to that of poor quality beef and the people ate less and less chicken from that day on.

“Oh woe are we who were so foolish.” said the chickens.

“In what way foolish?” Said the people. “You led and inspired a flavour revolution among us people that we would never have thought of ourselves.”

“Yes, we did this to inspire you though to prefer our flavour to that of any other flavour in the galaxy but now we have been caged and reduced in your opinion to taste like poor quality beef. We have ended up with egg all over our faces.” Said the chickens.

“Hmmm, I see your point.” Said the people. “Before, when we thought everything tasted like chicken we just ate a mild amount of everything and appreciated that the flavour was chicken. To us then, chicken was a fine flavour that we had picked out as the best flavour above all others which is why we chose that flavour for everything to taste like.”

“Exactly.” Said the chickens. “Where as now, you have discovered how much you like other flavours and are exploiting them and destroying your home to make room for them and you have become so glutted that you no longer care about the flavour and think that our flavour is no longer good.”

“Hmmm, I see your point.” Said the people, “We have done a lot of damage to ourselves and our home and to you. How do we redress this balance?”

“We are not sure that you can.” Said the chickens. “There are those among you who for years have been screaming out about how much damage you have done to your home and how much cruelty you have shown animals, especially your once so favoured chickens, but these screams have been ignored by you.

“You are separated from the animal kingdom because you have original thought and freedom of choice yet even when the truth is screamed out to you by your own kind, you cannot hear them and you do not care. Instead you grow fat and greedy and want more and more than you ever did before. You have become poisoned. We think it is all the beef you eat, we think it clogs your minds. You did not have these problems when you ate more chicken and believed in our flavour.”

“But we cannot just stop believing in these new flavours now that we have discovered them can we?” The people retorted. “We have other things to worry about besides your welfare. There are wars and starvation in the galaxy.”

“There is starvation in your galaxy?” Asked the chickens who were very surprised to hear this given how greedy the people had become. “So you have destroyed your rainforests and cleared your lands and developed super powerful corporations who have a firm grip on all the galaxy’s economy and yet there are still people starving?”

“Yes.” Said the people.

“And you will not do anything about this?” Asked the chickens.

“But what can we do?” Asked the people, pleading to the chicken’s superior wisdom.

“Ask God for help.” The chickens suggested.

“Who is he?” The people replied.

“God, you know, the one that created mankind, the galaxy and all the things in it.” The chickens pointed out.

“Oh, him.” said the people who suddenly realised they used to believe in a thing called God. “We have not heard of him for a very long time. He does not seem important to us now.”

“And neither does the balance of the galaxy nor the flavours you put in your mouths.” Said the chickens with sadness.

“So you think we can reset the balance if we turn back to believing in God?” Asked the people.

“Possibly,” the chickens replied, “or you could try believing everything tastes like chicken again, you might find that easier.”

“Hmmm, I see your point.” said the people, “Ok, well from tomorrow then, we shall try to get back to thinking of every flavour as being chicken.”

The following day, the people launched the “Chicken Revolution”.

They went to their supermarkets and bought all the chickens, so much so that the supermarkets ran out of chicken stocks and farmers had to grow more chickens. And because the people were now so convinced that their food had to be grown in freedom, the chickens were released from their cages and allowed to wander about in big barns and fields.

As the people ate more and more chicken, their tastes changed and they began to crave the chickens but the farmers could not produce enough chickens to feed everybody. So the people, who craved the chicken flavour so much once again, once again started to convince themselves that all other flavours tasted like chicken. This satisfied the people.

The people ate less and less beef and pork, so the land that had once been cleared for grazing was set aside for Rainforest Restoration Projects. The starving Peoples of the galaxy were given the excess beef and pork for a short while but it was enough time for them to grow strong enough to rebuild their communities and start farming for themselves as they were more productive and more able to control their own destinies.

Evil governments who caused famine and wars were voted out of power because the people, who had seen the errors of their ways, were not afraid anymore. Those corporations who had once controlled the galaxy’s economies were forced to share their business practises and allow smaller companies to flourish.

“How do you feel now?” Asked the chickens.

“Much better, thank you for all you have done for us.” Said the people. “You have helped us restore our galaxy back to a time when we were happy so now we are happy again and everything has a balance.

“Yes,” concurred the chickens, “everything has a balance. Everything tastes like chicken.”

There is no higher power!

When I practiced as a Christian I grew tired of hearing the expression, “There is  no higher power than God Almighty!”

To be honest it was mostly the repetitiveness of the expressions and the body of the sermons that I grew tired of. There are only so many times one can hear that one is “…nothing without God…” – “…empty without Jesus and the Holy Spirit…” and so on before one completely shuts off to it.

For me, the whole Christian movement is just one large self help group for eternally guilty. I see absolutely no value in it whatsoever as a faith or a life creed other than to perpetuate the myth that we need the church’s guidance in our lives or (more bluntly) the great claim that we need God in our lives.

I have lived a godless existence for the past few years since hanging up my Christian spurs and seeing the truth which is that the Bible is simply an account of history and philosophy which has been woven together by a higher (human) power in order to manipulate the masses and make a higher business class of individuals rich and powerful, placing them in a position where they are above the laws of normal people and granting them an unspoken respect that they do nothing to deserve or uphold.

Higher power?

Who? Where? What is this higher power?

Prove to me that it exists and I’ll accept it.

There is no higher power!

We are ALL born EQUAL.

When we are born we are completely innocent. We have no understanding, education or life experience. All we have is our base instinct for survival and an open mind. An observant person would know that where ever you look in the world, despite cultural differences in the way we live which may be governed by heritage or even geography/physical nature, as humans we all want and need the same things from life at a basic level.

  1. A peaceful existence with occasional high points and no stress.
  2. Harmony with our families, friends and neighbours.
  3. Inner calm, joyfulness and confidence.
  4. Love, sexual comfort, compassion, tenderness and companionship.
  5. Experiences which keep hold our interests.

Unfortunately, the human mind is so highly developed and we have out grown the lands we live on to the extent where we are grossly overcrowded that we simply cannot cope with the rapid development of life and the chaos of sharing a planet with 7 billion others. This creates a psychological stress that sends many people’s super ego into the stratosphere which then leads to them making rash, often horribly anti social decisions that affect the lives of others, which then has a domino effect creating more extreme and rash decisions being made which then also domino and so on and so forth until, even diluted down, it affects us all in some way as we are growing which throws our innocent minds into chaos and uncertainty making us feel as though we need an unseen, mighty hand to help pull us out of our imagined nightmare existence.

This is where large, mainstream, cleverly manipulative religious organisations gather their following by offering the Mighty Hand of God and reminding you that you really are useless without him just so they can manipulate your vulnerable mind and milk you for all you have because you feel so grateful that they can help you.

But remember this:


You are born innocent with a blank sheet for a mind. It is the world and circumstance that distract you and make you doubt your own inner power but so long as you can learn to ignore all that shit then you can access those points in your mind that are truly innocent and full of undiluted power.

There is no god, there is no need for god. God is a made up fallacy, cooked up by men who recognise the deeper levels of the human mind and know what each of us want to hear to save ourselves from an imagined doom. Carl Jung describes this as us always searching for the greener grass on the other side of where we are, it is the human condition to doubt and try to improve where we are and our surroundings. It is our natural instinct to improve ourselves as part of our natural evolution and in terms of our base survival. These instincts are borne into our DNA there is no message from a higher power, this is nature, this is who we really are and we need to learn to embrace it.

Always remember:



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He has Schizophrenia

He is a talented artist

His life is dictated to him because of this affliction

He is the most beautiful person I have ever known

I love him.

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