The truth?

The mysteries of God are multifold and fully beyond our human comprehension; it is only in the opening up to the Spirit, awakening, that His magnificent truths are revealed.

We are blinded by our own desires.

  • our desire to let go
  • our desire to be free
  • our desire to know all things
  • our desire to achieve full enlightenment

These desires cloud us because we cannot think of anything else. Everything we read or hear is shaped to suit these desires either in supporting them or opposing them and so, in this state, we are blind to the true meaning of what we read or hear.

Only by the grace of God through the power of the Holy Spirit can the truth be revealed.

We must be:

  • calm
  • quieten the noise of our hearts that it is our heads
  • stop searching
  • allow Him to come to us!

Make no mistake in this, He is constantly with us and constantly speaking to us but it is the noise within us that stops Him being heard.

His teachings are simple yet we bring complication to them as we try to make them fit our lives instead of making our lives fit His teachings. Then, because we cannot see or hear the truth we seek, we reject its persuasion in our lives saying, “If it were true then it would be easier to understand.” without realising that we are putting our own obstacles in the way.

“Verily I say unto you, except ye be converted and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.” (Matt: 18:3)

Little children do not question the way we do, the noise in their hearts is not so loud as to deafen them to the Lord’s voice. They also have a sense of knowing the truth when they hear it. A child can sense corruption because they are pure and their instincts have not been blunted by doubt and disappointment. How much of this sense do you still retain?

We constantly search for the answers to life and although we have turned our backs on religion, we still thirst for a full knowledge of God, we thirst for His love to be in our lives.

The good news is that you can have this without the need to turn to religion. All you have to do is find a Bible and ask the Lord to show you what it means.

  • settle your mind and calm your heart so the noise in you dies down
  • rid yourself of expectations and open yourself to whatever might come
  • close your eyes and silently pray from your heart for God to show you His truth through the power of the Holy Spirit
  • do nothing until you feel a compulsion to do so
  • then, once this process has been started in you, just follow your heart to where you are led through scripture and in your life.
  • recognise the blessings that will come your way
  • never be frightened to admit your truth

The truth of God’s mysteries is actually not all that complicated. Once you begin to see them and to adjust to the new relationship you will develop with the beloved Holy Spirit, those questions you once had will not only be answered in words that you can understand easily but many of them will lose their meaning because actually the truth is more simple than you think.

The development of what you do with this truth you find is the complicated bit. It’s like wearing a new skin. You are compelled to act in faith because of what you now know but have to get used to wearing it. This is where the Holy Spirit really comes into His own. When you are faced with these situations you simply raise your concerns to God through prayer and ask that His will be done not yours. The Holy Spirit will then guide you to the answers.

Always be aware that God has never left us. He loves us but needs us to come to know Him in our own way and in our own time. He uses people like me to spread His word and bring others to Him which we do gladly because it is a great honour to be used in this way but the path to His truth is always open to the individual despite what I might say and that is the freewill He has blessed us with.

It is only through our personal enlightenment in Him and by His grace that the kingdom will be revealed on this Earth. Nobody can force you, all we can do is testify the truth that has been revealed to us and allow His will to be done, not ours.




Disappointing friends.

When people see something in you that makes them want to be your friend, they see what they want to see and not necessarily the real you. They develop an expectation of what you will give them when they’re around you. They like you because you make them feel good, they feel as though they can rely on you and they develop trust with you.

In fact they are developing a false sense of trust because it’s based on the bits of you that they feel they know without them really knowing you.

When time passes and your life changes, you change your mind about certain things and move in new directions. For example you may have always been a conservative person who has behaved in a shy, quiet manner and your friends like this about you because it makes them feel good that they can bring you out of yourself with their more open character. But through time, because in fact being shy and quiet made you feel that you weren’t really expressing the real you inside, you find revelation through studying psychology or going to see a counselor or finding some other source of enlightenment and this new knowledge brings you out of yourself to the point where you develop a new persona. You finally become free in who you really are and you love it. You are no longer the shy, quiet, nervous little thing you used to be and are now proud to be you.

But your friends can’t relate to the new you. You have stopped giving them what they need. This is not strictly true of all friends. Close friends will accept and love the new you because they always hoped you would find this freedom so they embrace it. But most of the people who you know will find you strange and be unable to relate to you, they may even feel offended by the change in you, like you’ve done something to hurt them by changing.

So where’s the disappointment in all of this?

Is it just that your ex friends have become disappointed in you because you now have a new objective view that they can’t relate to?

Or is the disappointment yours at the way they’ve suddenly shunned you simply because you’re finally expressing your true beliefs?

Well of course it’s both isn’t it?

I know that in the last few months I’ve made a good few friends after I joined the Mormon church. At first I really started to believe I had found the true church of Jesus Christ and although the way they conducted themselves in their church practices was odd, I felt that I just needed time to understand it all and so I still accepted the church as being what it said it was.

I made friends with many of the members and gained their trust because I was being open and honest in what I believed at that time.

However, time moves on and so do I, to new ideas and thoughts. When first joining the church it was an exciting time and although I had questions, I still accepted the base belief. But, I started finding answers to my questions and also started to notice certain unwelcome behaviour from some of the church leaders in the way they spoke to me or regarded my personal thoughts. Doubts about the church’s authenticity crept into my mind because although they covered their bad behaviour with a saying that the church leadership drum into them, “Hey, the church is perfect but not the people. So we’re not perfect.” this was just a disclaimer they’ve been given to cover the fact that they want full control over you, they want to eradicate your free will by forcing you to attend church every week without fail; stop asking awkward questions; stop having original thoughts about your personal, spiritual development or your personal calling in Christ’s name.

Some of the members/leaders were not so bad, in fact I still have a lot of love for many of the people I know in that church, so I want to say at this point, “Hey, the people aren’t perfect but they are blameless, it’s the church that is to blame here and it is far from perfect!”

So of course I have taken the decision to leave this church because of what I’ve seen and found out through the answers I found to those questions I had and I know that this will lead to those members/leaders who have considered themselves my friends, leaving me. They’ll unfriend me on Facebook and remove my number from their phones. They’ll feel like I’ve insulted them by expressing my own personal truth and being the new me, reaching out for my independence.

In fact I’m just being true to myself and am in fact the old me who has always followed my instincts in the most open and honest manner and I’m not insulting anyone.

In fact I wish they could hear what I have to say about their church and their beliefs without feeling that I’m attacking them. But of course, because I’m standing against what they believe, that state of mind will not be possible.

So at the risk of losing my beloved Mormon friends, here’s a bit more of why I’m leaving your church.

  1. I belong to Jesus. I fully accept His truth and His power and love in my life and declare that above all things I know He is my living saviour. I am filled with the power and love of heaven as it is brought to me through that most wonderful Holy Spirit and I know I have been called to serve Christ for the benefit of others in preparation for His coming Kingdom. You already know the power of my testimony in this. – I do not accept the subversive bullying of the LDS “apostles” or that false prophet Mr Monson.
  2. As members you don’t all fold your arms when you pray but this practice is rife in your churches because your leaders need you to feel that it’s perfectly ok. When asked why you fold your arms when praying you reply that it makes your prayer more reverent. In fact if you were to be more reverent you would raise your palms to Heaven while instead you are pointing your palms downwards away from Heaven. Your leaders pray like this because they are acting out an occult based spell that protects the members of the church from God being able to “tear them out of your arms” Ezekiel 13 and keeps the energy of prayer in the church pointed downwards towards their real master, satan.
  3. You pass your sacrament dishes, eat and drink the sacrament with your right hands even though it is widely known and even mentioned in the new testament that to use your right hand is offensive to God because Jesus is God’s right hand and to use your right hand is to testify that you think you are Jesus. Also you replaced wine with water as further mockery to our true Lord. Again, this is an occult practice that your leaders introduced.
  4. You gave up tea and coffee after Joseph Smith wrote in the D&C that members were to give up hot drinks. Any sane person finds this to be the most ridiculous and pointless commitment for anyone to make. It simply doesn’t make sense like giving up alcohol does. But in fact when you realise that satan’s most used weapon is mind control then you realise that if you can get the human mind to accept such an abstract thing as giving up something to ridiculous then you can get those human minds to accept just about anything. This has to be backed up with constant attendance in case you start to think for yourself and constant reiteration that “You know this church to be true…etc”. All part of the conditioning they need to instill in you to keep you “seduced…by Peace.” Ezekiel 13. “Peace” has a capital “P” signifying Christ so this scripture is warning us that the false prophet who leads the false church which is based on “lying divination” – occult – will seduce the people of God in the name of Christ. “I testify that I know this church to be the true church of Christ on this Earth through the prophet Joseph Smith…” Joseph Smith and his family were known to practice witchcraft, divination! So the very founder of your church was an occultist yet you have all failed to notice or question any of this.
  5. I fully know that what I am saying is the truth. I have researched it and the Holy Spirit has directed me to the answers and evidence written in the only true Gospel, the bible.
  6. I sincerely hope and pray daily that God is finally able to tear you from their arms through you finally having the truth revealed to you as it was to me. I am not exaggerating my claims. I am not mad. I am a perfectly sane individual who has a very clean and open mind who also follows the guidance of my Lord through the power of the Holy Spirit. I work daily in His service and I care about you all deeply.

I know that there will be huge disappointment in any LDS member who reads this but it’s the truth and has to be said. God has also provided churches ready to take you in to give you the care you will need when you wake up and get out. Aswell as revealing these truths to me He has also guided me to a church in Kettering and one in Rushden where the leadership are waiting to welcome you.

So there we go. Just a big disappointment all round isn’t it? The real God is calling you to wake up! He can hear you but you can’t hear Him and that is the real disappointment my friends.


Inside out


I am here, inside

I’m standing right here,

I can hear you call me scum.

I hear you when you say those things.

It’s me inside,

But you don’t want to know.

I am a body,


Not perfect, unbeautiful.

I am a spirit,

Not perfect but beautiful.

I am here on the inside.

I am me,

You don’t know me,

Inside out.

Awakening to the truth!

You know, I used to blog about “finding the inner you” and realising your “personal power”. These sentiments are very important to anyone who is searching for true understanding and trying to overcome the difficulties that life presents. My approach was as a psychologist who also believed in the energetic forces in the world that surround and influence us all. Jung’s theory of the “collective conscious” is similar to what I believed, that we are all connected in being human and all under the same energetic influences that are created by life and the universe. (A very simplified version of the concept)

But what I didn’t realise that it is only through the full acceptance of Jesus as your living saviour, understanding the importance of His atonement and allowing the beloved Holy Spirit to reside in you that you would naturally (spiritually) achieve this state of being and become enlightened.

It is through this enlightenment that God’s Kingdom, which is already here on Earth, in us, is released.

This is a state of awakening. Not awakening to self! But awakening to the Truth that is the Gospel.

The funny thing is that what the Gospel says is right; you simply can’t see it or hear it until you yourself are called and follow that calling to the point where you go through your own spiritual awakening.

Each individual has the Kingdom of God inside them. Each must come to know God in their own way, developing their own personal relationship with our Almighty Father. This is why there are so many different religions and church denominations in the world, they are there to serve each individual as none of us think in the same way, therefore we need lots of different approaches to the same Truth! Ha ha…

We are near the end of a spiritual famine where now more and more people are being called and awoken spiritually. I see it every day and other spiritual leaders I’m connected to are also seeing it in their own churches. More and more people are turning to God and being called to service by the Holy Spirit. In the last few months since my own awakening I have been amazed at the acceleration of  “the work” and have been called to my ministry every day.

My acts of faith are constant but I cannot divulge them to you because part of being a disciple of Christ is that we act for the sake of our Lord but never speak of it because that is boastful but it’s enough to tell you that since I was called my life has been taken over completely by the work that has to be done for our Lord.

I am nearly at a point now of full commitment to His glorious service. The spirit is calling me to give up my job and walk fully in faith to do the work that needs to be done to prepare the way for Christ’s return. That is, to be active in restoring His churches and ministering His word on a daily basis so I am in the position I need to be in to hear those who are answering His call and guide them to their own enlightenment.

This is why my Father blessed me with the life circumstances I had and the talents and gifts of insight, instinct and understanding; compassion, music and love; so I could reach a wider demographic of society because there is nowhere anyone has been that I have not been myself or had first hand knowledge of through my involvement with other people I’ve met in my life.

Nothing leading up to this point in my life was a mere coincidence.

Now, I do have to be careful that I know I am answering the call of the Spirit and not being misled by satan and to be honest I am very aware that satan continually tries to attack me everyday, because he understands the importance of my calling and wants to try to stop me. He’s trying to stop my friends too and break us apart but we’re onto him and have evoked our Lord Jesus Christ to protect us. (In fact I can testify that Raphael himself is involved with this and if you need proof of that then realise that I am now at war with the Mormon church because they are the false, occult church written about in Ezekiel 13 and are based in Utah and it just so happens that the San Rafael river flows seasonally in Utah in the San Rafael desert and Raphael’s name was given to me by the Spirit when I prayed for protection against the Mormon demon).

Make no mistake, I may write in a casual manner but this is to save time and help you understand what I’m talking about. This stuff is very real and not of my own mind, it is revealed through the enlightenment I’ve received since my awakening and I will testify now that I am going take the Mormon church down! Not just to its knees but, in the name Him most Holy, even Jesus Christ, I will utterly destroy it; being used purely as God’s vessel on this Earth for His glory and His truth.

That part of the work has already begun. In fact I have a meeting with the bishop of the most powerful Mormon church in the world already set up…

Nah na na na na… lol… don’t doubt any of this, it’s happening as you read this and so is your own calling. There is not much time left and you must act now, but you’ll know that in yourself when the Spirit speaks to you 🙂

Just remember that when it happens, you read it here first and to contact me immediately because I’ll be able to guide you to safety.

There is a time for everything and everything has its own time.

So until then I leave you with the full knowledge that you are already saved. Not through me but through the power of Heaven who speaks to you in your hidden places.

God bless you,



A moment in time – the coming kindom

“For the hope that is laid up for you in heaven,

whereof ye heard before in the word

of the truth of the gospel:

Which is come unto you, as it is in all the world;

and bringeth forth fruit,

as it doth also in you,

since the day ye heard of it,

and knew the grace of God in truth.”


By the grace of God and through the full acceptance of His word, you can know that the promise of the kingdom to come is true because that same kingdom already lives in you.


I just want to mark this moment. 12/05/14 as being the moment when it was revealed to me through the guidance of the most Holy Spirit that the kingdom of God will not be brought to this Earth. It is already here. It lives inside each of us and it is through our awakening to Him that the kingdom will come.

Each of us has a very unique relationship with God. Whatever church you may be a member of, if you accept Jesus as your living saviour then you are in the right place. God does not have just one church on earth, He exists everywhere and reaches each of us in  our particular way. Whichever way is most relevant to us.

All He needs to do to create His kingdom here on Earth is to awaken His people and He will do this through them learning to simply understand how to feel the Holy Spirit in their lives. As soon as His people feel the Holy Spirit and know it, they will be set free and the kingdom will come out of them.

The time is shortening and the work is growing so be ready to feel the power of the Holy Sirit in each of your lives as He vists those who are being called. You will know when you are being called, it will be obvious to you, all you have to do is follow that urge, find a church and quietly, in your heart, ask the Holy Spirit to protect and guide you. He will do the rest for you. He will bring every resource necessary for you to reach the enlightened state of being you must acheive to set the kingdom free from inside you.

Just get ready, because it very soon headed your way.

If you know that the Spirit has already called you then get in touch with me please because I have advice and information for you.

Warning to all!!!  Do not go near a Mormon church. The people there are fine but the organisation is corrupt and should not be touched. God is getting ready to rescue His people from out of there. Just find an ordinary church and pray for the guidance.





The Holy Spirit is as strong and as powerful in my life as ever. He serves to protect, comfort and guide. I feel Him with me, I feel His vibration and His warmth when He needs to guide me. Never before in my life have I been so switched on as I am now. It is amazing and wholly humbling.

Last week a friend and spiritual brother and I were led to visit one of our local towns. We headed out the door with no clear direction and just felt that the Spirit wanted us to be guided by him. We found our way walking through the centre of this local town and there we found two people handing out leaflets in the street about their mission.

I testified to them that I had once been a Methodist preacher but had recently found the revealed truth through the Mormon faith and this led to a deep discussion in which we very much felt the Spirit in us all. He connected us.

I swapped phone numbers with the lady who was one of these two and asked her to meet with me so we could share each other’s testimonies and discuss the differences in our beliefs.

But meeting and discussing were not enough and as the week progressed I was led to attend her church where her husband is the pastor which is where my friend and I were today, I also took my 6 year old son.

In the three hours we were there we were not only able to connect with the beloved Spirit of God but very much felt His presence in most of the people who were also in attendance.

We met some people who we were guided to know that we are to work with to improve their personal testimony and bring them fully into a contrite state of being but we also saw fully the Spirit in others that we met.

The lady and her husband fell into deep discussion with us after the worship was finished and the joy of our edifying was tangible.

It led to them being grasped by the Spirit to minister and reveal further guidance and truths to us. They took hold of us and opened themselves fully to mighty prayer and revelation.

My friend received exactly what he needed to receive through them because the Spirit was channeling directly through them and I also received exactly what I needed to hear.

It was detailed and pure and without this lady knowing me at all she spoke directly of my ministry. She just knew that my ministry lies in music and the spreading of His word through that medium. But further she revealed, or the Spirit revealed through her, that my ministry (which I believe and have done for many years) is through the power of my ability to write God-given, original music that nobody has ever heard before and that through this I will reach the hearts of millions.

I am not being boastful when I tell you that what she was being led to say is exactly what the Spirit has revealed to me. I knew this was my ministry but have been waiting for the right resources, the right time and the right vehicle through which I can bring it to life.

Her church offer exactly this for me, they have the equiptment, the musicians and the singers and are just waiting to be led.

It was revealed to my mother years ago through a medium that I was destined to reach millions through playing the piano. I write music and I do use a keyboard to assist in this but I am no maestro. I always felt I ought to take piano lessons and follow this up but never have. However I now see that I do not have to because He is providing the resources I need to make my music live in giving me a pianist. I also need a guitar player but I believe that he has already directed one to me through the Mormon church.

I know that my ministry is going to become a very vibrant and living mission very soon and that I have now been given what I need to make it happen but I also know that this means I have to bring those resources together from wherever I find them be it Mormon or Pentecostal or whatever other church He now guides me to.

The Mormon church will struggle to understand this but I am still to follow this path without fail and without fear because it is what God wants me to do.

I like to write and always felt I had a book in me that needed to be written but I also always knew that my music, the way it comes to me, the way it moves people, the way it sounds and its originality were to be taken seriously. Maybe one day I will be guided to finally write that book too but for the moment I am to announce my presence in the world through my music.

I know this is the truth and I know that the Holy Spirit is directly channeling God’s word for my ministry through His servants here on earth.

I am overcome with the spirituality that exists in my life at this time; ever since my awakening in February it has increased in power to the point where I am filled every day with the wonderful warmth and love that comes from knowing His revealed truth and now He is also putting me straight onto my destined path.



Friday night treats

So it’s Friday night. I was supposed to be going out to a dance night at a local hotel with a friend but he got confused over my plans and has now made other arrangements. No problem, I’ve lived alone for a long time so I’m perfectly capable of entertaining myself. I might even go myself and see if I can have a good time with a bunch of strangers.

It’s different now of course, now that I’m a Mormon.

Not so much from the aspect of not drinking; I’ve been T-total before and it never bothered me – well, I kinda missed that part of the night where everyone else starts talking gibberish and I couldn’t join in 🙂 – But not drinking doesn’t bother me.

I’ll digress slightly to say that when I used to drink I could easily consume 3 bottles of strong wine, 6 bottles of beer (ale) and half a bottle of whisky in one sitting. When I tell you I used to drink like that 5 nights of the week every week I think you’ll agree that I know what I’m talking about when I talk about alcohol.

But it’s not the lack of alcohol that’s so different when one’s a Mormon, it’s actually the whole social aspect of mingling with non-Christians who will all be playing the usual, normal games of:

Does he/she fancy me?

Is it ok if I flirt?

Is touching ok?

I know a rude joke about that!

I’ve never been out socially like this as a Mormon and now that I’ve made a covenant (promise) with God to be obedient to His commandments and teachings, I’m not sure how this experience would go.

I’m used to drinking and flirting and letting circumstances take control but now I’ll be on guard to not flirt which as a single guy at a disco may be impossible. I can’t flirt you see because what happens if a woman there likes me and wants to take things further?

Yes, I know it’s ok not to sleep with someone you’ve just met but this goes deeper. First I’d have to decide whether I think she could handle learning about my religious beliefs, in this day and age there is such a stigma attached to being Christian that people usually just don’t want to know let alone accept it as part of their life and in this case I wouldn’t be able to proceed with any kind of relationship until my prospective girlfriend understood what my beliefs mean in that context. I’d have to further explain that I don’t believe any relationship would work unless both parties were committed to the church because my beliefs are not just some little thing I do on Sundays, they’re an integrated part of my and fill most of my thoughts.

In making my covenant with my Almighty Father I’ve promised only to be sexual within a marriage and that marriage would have to have His blessing. Further to this, in LDS (short name for the church), we practice the ancient ordinance (ceremony) of sealing people in the temple for eternity so my marriage would only to be to the one lass I fully believed would be with me for eternity and it would have to be sealed in the Mormon temple, therefore she would need temple approval and thus she too would have to be a Mormon.

So going out to this dance tonight is not quite so simple as it normally would be, especially as temptation would be everywhere.

The thing about is, I love the fact that marriage and sealing for eternity are taken so seriously by LDS. Firstly it is one of our Father’s commandments and further teachings but secondly it brings a really magical and romantic quality to any prospective relationship. The whole idea of falling fully in love with someone because you get to know the real person without that being clouded by how good or bad they are in bed; the idea that eventually your sex life will be blessed but that more importantly, you don’t need it in order to be with your partner in devoted love forever.

But, do you know what? I like to dance and I don’t feel like just sitting in the flat all night by myself. So I think I’ll spruce myself up and go out for a boogie and find out for myself what it’s like to socialise as a Mormon.

Hopefully I’ll be alive tomorrow (not struck down by lightening) and be able to tell you all about it.


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