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There is no higher power!

When I practiced as a Christian I grew tired of hearing the expression, “There is  no higher power than God Almighty!”

To be honest it was mostly the repetitiveness of the expressions and the body of the sermons that I grew tired of. There are only so many times one can hear that one is “…nothing without God…” – “…empty without Jesus and the Holy Spirit…” and so on before one completely shuts off to it.

For me, the whole Christian movement is just one large self help group for eternally guilty. I see absolutely no value in it whatsoever as a faith or a life creed other than to perpetuate the myth that we need the church’s guidance in our lives or (more bluntly) the great claim that we need God in our lives.

I have lived a godless existence for the past few years since hanging up my Christian spurs and seeing the truth which is that the Bible is simply an account of history and philosophy which has been woven together by a higher (human) power in order to manipulate the masses and make a higher business class of individuals rich and powerful, placing them in a position where they are above the laws of normal people and granting them an unspoken respect that they do nothing to deserve or uphold.

Higher power?

Who? Where? What is this higher power?

Prove to me that it exists and I’ll accept it.

There is no higher power!

We are ALL born EQUAL.

When we are born we are completely innocent. We have no understanding, education or life experience. All we have is our base instinct for survival and an open mind. An observant person would know that where ever you look in the world, despite cultural differences in the way we live which may be governed by heritage or even geography/physical nature, as humans we all want and need the same things from life at a basic level.

  1. A peaceful existence with occasional high points and no stress.
  2. Harmony with our families, friends and neighbours.
  3. Inner calm, joyfulness and confidence.
  4. Love, sexual comfort, compassion, tenderness and companionship.
  5. Experiences which keep hold our interests.

Unfortunately, the human mind is so highly developed and we have out grown the lands we live on to the extent where we are grossly overcrowded that we simply cannot cope with the rapid development of life and the chaos of sharing a planet with 7 billion others. This creates a psychological stress that sends many people’s super ego into the stratosphere which then leads to them making rash, often horribly anti social decisions that affect the lives of others, which then has a domino effect creating more extreme and rash decisions being made which then also domino and so on and so forth until, even diluted down, it affects us all in some way as we are growing which throws our innocent minds into chaos and uncertainty making us feel as though we need an unseen, mighty hand to help pull us out of our imagined nightmare existence.

This is where large, mainstream, cleverly manipulative religious organisations gather their following by offering the Mighty Hand of God and reminding you that you really are useless without him just so they can manipulate your vulnerable mind and milk you for all you have because you feel so grateful that they can help you.

But remember this:


You are born innocent with a blank sheet for a mind. It is the world and circumstance that distract you and make you doubt your own inner power but so long as you can learn to ignore all that shit then you can access those points in your mind that are truly innocent and full of undiluted power.

There is no god, there is no need for god. God is a made up fallacy, cooked up by men who recognise the deeper levels of the human mind and know what each of us want to hear to save ourselves from an imagined doom. Carl Jung describes this as us always searching for the greener grass on the other side of where we are, it is the human condition to doubt and try to improve where we are and our surroundings. It is our natural instinct to improve ourselves as part of our natural evolution and in terms of our base survival. These instincts are borne into our DNA there is no message from a higher power, this is nature, this is who we really are and we need to learn to embrace it.

Always remember:




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