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Good vs Evil, conceptual manifestation.


When I and other Christians write about our faith and how it translates into our lives, we tend to write from the perspective of Westernised people and not so much from a purely open-minded point of view. It is difficult to think in terms of anyone else’s culture or in fact not have any cultural influence affect one’s thoughts when bringing the idioms of faith into reality.

However, since End Time Revelation involves directly the very Western societies we are from then in actual fact we are lending a quality to the translation of the Bible that is very relevant and needed for those who need to hear it.

Perception is extremely important when you come to try to understand the Bible or the teachings and truths thereof.

We are each on an individual journey to find our own personal truth or personal relationship with our Father God and therefore we will each have a different perception of what the meanings of the Bible are. Like anything else in life, there are certain characteristics that are central to the whole concept/reality but it is also open to interpretation for the individual which is why God left us our free-will so we can make our own informed choices.

So, yes there are some central truths about the story of the Bible that must be accepted. The commandments, the history and lineage of God’s people, the existence and prophesies of Jesus, His teachings and miracles and the teachings and revelations of His apostles. But there are also many areas of the Bible where we are to form our own opinion and see things in our own way.

God made us in his image, yet each of us is completely unique. Male and female. So how can this be?

Do you think that God is an old man with a grey beard carrying a staff?

Nobody has ever seen God, nor can they. It says in Exodus that we cannot see Him because His sight is too much for us to behold. When He appears to people He does so as a friend, in other words He takes the form of your friend rather than come in His own form.

This is because God is a force. He is the mightiest energetic Spirit in existence. He is without body and is so huge in what He is that He has become a concept. Yes He is real, but He cannot be conceived in any normal way and therefore to understand Him you have to grasp the concept of Him.

Jesus was God manifested on this Earth. He came in a formed human body and when He was resurrected His body was resurrected with Him where it was perfected so His Spirit and Body could live forever. This is the example of His atonement, the example of what will happen to us if we commit ourselves to Him and accept Him. We will be resurrected into perfect bodies to live forever.

So in this we have been given the example of how we can be of Heaven and yet of the Earth at the same time whereas God is only of Heaven and has no need of a human body except in Jesus who chose to serve His Father in this way. Jesus is the power and might of Heaven and was made manifest so He could show us the way to that power ourselves.

Angels are celestial beings. They can take human form or they can take energetic form. Angels are shape shifters who take the most appropriate form at the time to suit their ends.

The devil is an Angel. He is not like Christ who is God’s only begotten son and therefore a celestial power who was made manifest on Earth. He is still a celestial being and therefore he has many forms. He can appear as a human, an animal or an energetic force.

Our perceptions of what God and the devil look like have been impressed upon by our own cultural history through art and historians trying to encapsulate visions people have had and so on. We have no real idea of what either actually look like and in fact I would say that both God and the devil will represent themselves to each of us in a different way. How they appear to me will be completely different to how they appear to anyone else.

Yes they will have certain traits or characteristics that will be similar but the overall appearance and reality will be completely unique to my mind as it is me who is manifesting them.

In this, they are concepts, parts of the mind that can only have influence when you believe in them and understand them. In fact, many would say that they are merely conceptual manifestations that you create for yourself to try to conceptualise your own inner fight between what you are told by the world is good and forthright and what your “shadow self” tells you.

Many believe that God and the devil are inside of us all and that religion is just man’s way of trying to cope with it. That the big organised groups were brought about to manipulate this truth and therefore subjugate people through fear because what they preached went to the very core of the ordinary man because every ordinary man had this inner battle raging between good and evil.

Add to this the natural fear and awe of nature that our forefathers would have had and you can see how easily influenced by religion people would have been.

But although God is conceptual because of His omnipotence He is none the less real and it is only because we cannot fully comprehend Him that He must remain for the moment in conceptual form.

The devil is a concept because he has retained his Angelic form and thus comes in different forms. He has raised his status to that of Jesus, almost, and therefore become our biggest fear and in this too has grown more as a concept than a reality.

But both God and the devil and in fact Jesus Himself are very real. It is just our limited, human minds that have made them concepts.



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