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Awakening to the truth!

You know, I used to blog about “finding the inner you” and realising your “personal power”. These sentiments are very important to anyone who is searching for true understanding and trying to overcome the difficulties that life presents. My approach was as a psychologist who also believed in the energetic forces in the world that surround and influence us all. Jung’s theory of the “collective conscious” is similar to what I believed, that we are all connected in being human and all under the same energetic influences that are created by life and the universe. (A very simplified version of the concept)

But what I didn’t realise that it is only through the full acceptance of Jesus as your living saviour, understanding the importance of His atonement and allowing the beloved Holy Spirit to reside in you that you would naturally (spiritually) achieve this state of being and become enlightened.

It is through this enlightenment that God’s Kingdom, which is already here on Earth, in us, is released.

This is a state of awakening. Not awakening to self! But awakening to the Truth that is the Gospel.

The funny thing is that what the Gospel says is right; you simply can’t see it or hear it until you yourself are called and follow that calling to the point where you go through your own spiritual awakening.

Each individual has the Kingdom of God inside them. Each must come to know God in their own way, developing their own personal relationship with our Almighty Father. This is why there are so many different religions and church denominations in the world, they are there to serve each individual as none of us think in the same way, therefore we need lots of different approaches to the same Truth! Ha ha…

We are near the end of a spiritual famine where now more and more people are being called and awoken spiritually. I see it every day and other spiritual leaders I’m connected to are also seeing it in their own churches. More and more people are turning to God and being called to service by the Holy Spirit. In the last few months since my own awakening I have been amazed at the acceleration of  “the work” and have been called to my ministry every day.

My acts of faith are constant but I cannot divulge them to you because part of being a disciple of Christ is that we act for the sake of our Lord but never speak of it because that is boastful but it’s enough to tell you that since I was called my life has been taken over completely by the work that has to be done for our Lord.

I am nearly at a point now of full commitment to His glorious service. The spirit is calling me to give up my job and walk fully in faith to do the work that needs to be done to prepare the way for Christ’s return. That is, to be active in restoring His churches and ministering His word on a daily basis so I am in the position I need to be in to hear those who are answering His call and guide them to their own enlightenment.

This is why my Father blessed me with the life circumstances I had and the talents and gifts of insight, instinct and understanding; compassion, music and love; so I could reach a wider demographic of society because there is nowhere anyone has been that I have not been myself or had first hand knowledge of through my involvement with other people I’ve met in my life.

Nothing leading up to this point in my life was a mere coincidence.

Now, I do have to be careful that I know I am answering the call of the Spirit and not being misled by satan and to be honest I am very aware that satan continually tries to attack me everyday, because he understands the importance of my calling and wants to try to stop me. He’s trying to stop my friends too and break us apart but we’re onto him and have evoked our Lord Jesus Christ to protect us. (In fact I can testify that Raphael himself is involved with this and if you need proof of that then realise that I am now at war with the Mormon church because they are the false, occult church written about in Ezekiel 13 and are based in Utah and it just so happens that the San Rafael river flows seasonally in Utah in the San Rafael desert and Raphael’s name was given to me by the Spirit when I prayed for protection against the Mormon demon).

Make no mistake, I may write in a casual manner but this is to save time and help you understand what I’m talking about. This stuff is very real and not of my own mind, it is revealed through the enlightenment I’ve received since my awakening and I will testify now that I am going take the Mormon church down! Not just to its knees but, in the name Him most Holy, even Jesus Christ, I will utterly destroy it; being used purely as God’s vessel on this Earth for His glory and His truth.

That part of the work has already begun. In fact I have a meeting with the bishop of the most powerful Mormon church in the world already set up…

Nah na na na na… lol… don’t doubt any of this, it’s happening as you read this and so is your own calling. There is not much time left and you must act now, but you’ll know that in yourself when the Spirit speaks to you 🙂

Just remember that when it happens, you read it here first and to contact me immediately because I’ll be able to guide you to safety.

There is a time for everything and everything has its own time.

So until then I leave you with the full knowledge that you are already saved. Not through me but through the power of Heaven who speaks to you in your hidden places.

God bless you,




The Art Of Self Expression

ImageThere is always more inside of us than we often dare to show to others. Most of us are wrought with a need to indulge in self expression yet for the most part also, we hold it in. We are afraid of being typecast or judged and to butt against the grain of society can restrict what you do in life.

It is the stigma that we attach to certain aspects of self expression that stops people from indulging. If we are poetic or just like to write then we are possibly seen as dreamers, procastinators, airy-fairy brained and we are not taken seriously because we have never been published.

Artists and photographers see the world differently to the rest of us so they are categorised as eccentrics. Those with tattoos are seen as common and somehow lower class or it is assumed they have a lower intelligence level and are more prone to drug taking or drunkeness.

We judge people all the time and never seem to learn not to judge a book by its cover.

In the world of corporate business there are rules governing people’s dignity at work. People are to be seen and treated equally, given the dignity that they are an individual and have individual merit. Can you imagine any corporation employing someone covered in tattoos to be a senior manager or allowing them to become a director? Of course not. In business they would be seen as good enough to rise to a certain level of compitency but limited to that because of their image.

If we really want to indulge in our self expression then we have to change our expectations of life and accept that we will be pigeon holed in a certain bracket by the rest of society. Yes, of course there will be exceptions to this rule but I am referring to the largest percentage of the population who will look at body art like this and admire it but would never dare to actually take the step to have it done to themselves because they know it would not be accepted in their circles.

We cannot expect to rise to the level of a company director if we choose to have a face full of piercings. We cannot expect to enter into a relationship with a middle class, professional person if we sit at home all day trying to write a bestseller book but never actually finish the work or try to get published.

ImageWould you employ this man to go door to door trying to sell your product? Would you allow him to work in your local nursery looking after your young children or even be a teacher at your school? No, you would not want this example to be seen by your children and for most people this is an uncomfortable image to look at.

So how do we overcome social stigma and allow ourselves to express our inner self?

As I said, you would have to lower your expectations of life.

We are mostly brought up to believe that we must be successful materially in life. We strive to have a big house, big car etc and spend most of our lives chasing that dream. But unless your form of expression suits that lifestyle then you will always feel unfulfilled.

There is nothing wrong with simply having a roof over your head. There is nothing wrong with having a second hand car. There is nothing wrong with not wearing designer clothes or shopping in ordinary shops.

We do not need a big lifestyle to be happy we need to be honest with ourselves and find out what it is inside that we most enjoy. That is the dream we are meant to follow, the inner need for self expression.

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