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In The Stars (Work in progress)

In The Stars

Have you ever felt that life just isn’t enough for you? This world and all those constraints; rules that we are told to live by, get in the way of you fully being you? Is being human just not enough for you?

Well, this is how I feel. There has to be something more than simply existing on this planet for a time only to end up as worm food, buried in the ground somewhere, no longer capable of any conscious thought, act or deed.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe in ghosts. I’m even dubious about whether anything spiritual actually exists at all. I think the term “spiritual” is another man made, concocted word used to describe anything we can’t explain by any other reasonable means. Is there any real evidence that there is anything “spiritual” out there in the void?

For me, the universe seems as complex as it does for anyone else. The existence or non-existence of God has yet to be proved and if the universe is expanding, what it might be expanding into has yet to be seen or measured. So, there is no real point of focus for us to use to bring a full understanding of who we really are or what our ultimate purpose may be. Yet there I go using the expression “ultimate purpose” and it is this to which I am referring when I ask those questions about how we feel about life and living under the constraints of being human.

There is a great expression that I love to use, especially for those xenophobes who cannot understand the “mind” of a foreign culture, “people are the same the world over”. It seems to me that wherever you may come from in this world and whatever society you may have been raised in, being a human being has certain in-built traits that none of us can escape.

We all want freedom. We all seek love and comfort. We all seek security and want to be left alone to just get on with our lives without any interference from any external source. We are all capable of feeling fear and we are all capable of self-expression through music or art. Even our distant forefathers painted on the walls of their caves to relate stories and exploits and no matter what our ethnic origin may be, we all had distant forefathers, the true history of whom has been lost throughout time.

I was raised in Scotland in a Catholic family where beatings were a regular occurrence in a society that believed that to “spare the rod spoiled the child”. I have seen how territorial people are regarding what they consider to be their land or their country and how hateful they can become when they feel it is being invaded by foreign emigrants. There is a complete lack of understanding from those who are indigenous in one land to those who then choose to settle there and this leads to whole communities becoming alienated from the rest of society and instead of integrating into each other there is nothing but division across the land.

This is not new. Even when I was growing up in Scotland I witnessed these differences between protestants and Catholics, Scottish and English people and even between those who lived in the North of Scotland and those who lived in the South despite them being from the same race.

Division; division; division. Aggression; aggression; aggression. Lack of growth; lack of understanding; lack of trust.

These are the main mind sets of societies yet as individuals we are very different. It’s as though we are afraid to let society see the “real” us for fear of ridicule or persecution. We have a tendency to just go with the flow in life, do as our peers do and meet expectations rather than express our individualism and be our own person. We become sheep, following each other and copy-catting each other’s behaviour.

Yet we are not sheep! We are all unique. We all have a unique concept of the world and of life; we all wonder what is out there for us. “What,” we ask, “is our ultimate purpose?”

In The Stars – where does it lead?

For each of us our ultimate purpose is different to anybody else’s purpose. We are unique, individual and alone in the universe. We seek the company of others because we can strongly sense our solitude and it frightens us. This is not true for everyone, there are some people who seek the opposite, they strive to be alone; they are frustrated with the world and with people and prefer to live out a sole experience.

But where are these feelings or intrinsic perceptions coming from? What is the source of our inner identity?

We learn how to behave and replicate trait characteristics from our parents and other strong role models as we grow. The culture and society we live in also teaches us how to behave and gives us values with which we then go on to judge others and ourselves throughout our lives. But these are conscious effects that we learn and copy. Inside each of us is a huge sub-conscious mind from which comes the “real” us.

When we lay down at night to sleep we isolate our thoughts and minds, we sink into our individuality and as we close our eyes we enter into the world of our sub-conscious. That is not to say our sub-conscious is asleep when we are awake, it is not; our sub-conscious mind never sleeps, but we are closer to it when we are asleep than when our conscious mind is alert and therefore distracting us.

So, our sub-conscious mind can now disassociate itself from our conscious, worldly mind and we can journey into our “real” self, the origin of our true identity. We might not recognize the symbols or understand the language of this sub-conscious reality because we are locked, for the time being, in our humanity. We are out of touch with our “spiritual” self and so we feel as though there are two clear parts of us. The part we perceive as being us – the conscious self that we know exists because we can physically sense ourselves and the sub-conscious self that we are unsure of because we can only reach it in our sleep. Yet, we do know that our sub-conscious exists; some people call it our soul.

This discovery of ourselves leads us to question the purpose of the sub-conscious. Why do we have this duality? Why, if we are ruled by our “other” mind, do we exist as humans at all?

This last is the question that leads us to seeing our true purpose because to answer it leads us to our true source; that place where we really exist; up there in the void and we realize that our human self is merely a physical representation of our real self.


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