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The truth?

The mysteries of God are multifold and fully beyond our human comprehension; it is only in the opening up to the Spirit, awakening, that His magnificent truths are revealed.

We are blinded by our own desires.

  • our desire to let go
  • our desire to be free
  • our desire to know all things
  • our desire to achieve full enlightenment

These desires cloud us because we cannot think of anything else. Everything we read or hear is shaped to suit these desires either in supporting them or opposing them and so, in this state, we are blind to the true meaning of what we read or hear.

Only by the grace of God through the power of the Holy Spirit can the truth be revealed.

We must be:

  • calm
  • quieten the noise of our hearts that it is our heads
  • stop searching
  • allow Him to come to us!

Make no mistake in this, He is constantly with us and constantly speaking to us but it is the noise within us that stops Him being heard.

His teachings are simple yet we bring complication to them as we try to make them fit our lives instead of making our lives fit His teachings. Then, because we cannot see or hear the truth we seek, we reject its persuasion in our lives saying, “If it were true then it would be easier to understand.” without realising that we are putting our own obstacles in the way.

“Verily I say unto you, except ye be converted and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.” (Matt: 18:3)

Little children do not question the way we do, the noise in their hearts is not so loud as to deafen them to the Lord’s voice. They also have a sense of knowing the truth when they hear it. A child can sense corruption because they are pure and their instincts have not been blunted by doubt and disappointment. How much of this sense do you still retain?

We constantly search for the answers to life and although we have turned our backs on religion, we still thirst for a full knowledge of God, we thirst for His love to be in our lives.

The good news is that you can have this without the need to turn to religion. All you have to do is find a Bible and ask the Lord to show you what it means.

  • settle your mind and calm your heart so the noise in you dies down
  • rid yourself of expectations and open yourself to whatever might come
  • close your eyes and silently pray from your heart for God to show you His truth through the power of the Holy Spirit
  • do nothing until you feel a compulsion to do so
  • then, once this process has been started in you, just follow your heart to where you are led through scripture and in your life.
  • recognise the blessings that will come your way
  • never be frightened to admit your truth

The truth of God’s mysteries is actually not all that complicated. Once you begin to see them and to adjust to the new relationship you will develop with the beloved Holy Spirit, those questions you once had will not only be answered in words that you can understand easily but many of them will lose their meaning because actually the truth is more simple than you think.

The development of what you do with this truth you find is the complicated bit. It’s like wearing a new skin. You are compelled to act in faith because of what you now know but have to get used to wearing it. This is where the Holy Spirit really comes into His own. When you are faced with these situations you simply raise your concerns to God through prayer and ask that His will be done not yours. The Holy Spirit will then guide you to the answers.

Always be aware that God has never left us. He loves us but needs us to come to know Him in our own way and in our own time. He uses people like me to spread His word and bring others to Him which we do gladly because it is a great honour to be used in this way but the path to His truth is always open to the individual despite what I might say and that is the freewill He has blessed us with.

It is only through our personal enlightenment in Him and by His grace that the kingdom will be revealed on this Earth. Nobody can force you, all we can do is testify the truth that has been revealed to us and allow His will to be done, not ours.




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