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Energetic Life

I do not believe in god or gods or any almighty, omnipotent being who rules the universe. I believe in Creation as a physical energy with its own atomic structure which is present in all things. There are many other factors that are involved with creating physical life but without Creation being present, life cannot exist. Inside all life is a certain concentration of Creative Energy, in some of us there is a higher concentration than in others and these people with the higher concentration not only feel more closely connected to the universe and the natural world but it means they can affect the physical world more directly than others. This is not a magic trick but it is a form of Shamanism that some of us find quite natural.

There is other life present in the universe besides just us wee humans stuck here on Earth and not all of these life forms are entirely physical. The universe is a multi layered, multi dimensional reality inside which all things are possible and every possibility exists somewhere. We may not be able to see everything but this does not mean it does not exist.

Through Creations Energy being present in all things, all things are intrinsically linked. We know other life exists because we can sense it and feel it, we sense and feel this because we are linked to it through the connection we have with Creation. Creation is everything and we are but a part of it.

We do not need to understand or even recognise Creation as an almighty force, it is not god, it simply is. Creation cannot help being, it came into being the moment the universe birthed, from the moment the first two neutrons came together and it has continued to multiply and develop ever since. Creation is a natural product of life just as we are a natural product of Creation.

Behind this all there is a purpose. We may each have an individual purpose but we are all just a part of the great purpose which is to reach the conclusion.

The universe was created for a reason. I like to think of it as a giant computer. I think this not only because of the way life reflects thought but because every particle in the universe, no matter how seemingly insignificant has a numerical, mathematical value. Therefore each mathematical value interacts, subtracts, multiplies, divides and adds in an intricate, very long winded, super calculation which at some point must reach a final conclusion – a total sum.

We are a small part of this sum, we are part of the physical sensation which the sum needs to answer its emotional equations (perhaps).

When I look at life I see the individual reality and purpose of each living thing. When I hear religious fanatics shouting loudly about their fictional figure head I feel sorry for them because they are so far from true enlightenment. When I look at life I feel freed by my beliefs and thankful for my mortality because with this measure of mortality I can appreciate my purpose all the better and just enjoy my life here on Earth.

After my physical life here on earth is spent it may be possible that I will live on in some way as my energy leaves my body and evolves into something else. I may even be given a new purpose to serve in the great calculation which Creation in such an intrinsic part of. And so it is important for me to identify with Creation and try to understand it in whatever way I can because I may have a long relationship with it. But this is really a relationship with energy, the energy I know exists.

I am also aware of my own generated, ever changing energy and the energy of all the life around me, including the Earth itself and so I focus on feeling this energy and connecting with it.

This is not a spiritual or religious experience for me, it is a celebration of life and of my love of nature and my connection with my universe.

I would advise anyone who hasn’t tried this to give up on the things they have been taught to believe for a wee while and just open themselves up to trying to feel the vibration of the atmosphere around them. To feel their own vibration and identify with it realising that this is a truer reflection of who you really are. Is it a happy vibration you are giving off?

Try it and see, and also try to realise that without god, life is all the more enjoyable.


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