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Uncomfortable truth.

The main reason for this blog is to talk about the wonderful freedom that comes from knowing your own spiritual freedom.

People seem scared of that term, they think that in accepting a spiritual reality they will be sucked into the world of religion and be made to attend some church or other where folk are waiting impatiently to force-feed them with all manner of religious claptrap just to get them to sign over half their life savings.

To be fair, I thought them same way for years. It’s not the idea of spirit that’s scary, it’s the male dominated, zealot style religions that put people off.

The religions of this world are so loud and shout out their extreme views so noisily that only a bloody lunatic would join them. Unfortunately this means that people miss out on the real religious organisations that are actually of God and are genuinely interested in your salvation.

My project to attempt church unification in my local area has reached an amazing stage. Behind the scenes, the churches in my local town have already been inspired by the Holy Spirit to unify. They held a huge service in our local Baptist church and it was genuinely touching to see all the church leaders on stage together, showing a united front.

Unfortunately for the Mormon church, not one single other church leader will even discuss including them. The moment I brought them into a conversation I had with the church leaders, the reaction was tangibly negative. I might as well have invited a vampire and I was told that on no account would any local church:

  • Baptist
  • Pentecostal
  • Catholic
  • Anglican
  • Biker Christians
  • Salvation Army

have anything to do with the Mormons.

I did not pursue this. There are bigger things at work here and more to gain by moving with all the positives.

The problem with any unification project is in getting the general public to see that although there may be some differences in the style of practice or belief within Christian churches, we do all follow the same God for the same purpose. As I mentioned, the loud, scary voices have done a lot of damage with their extreme views and so it is made even more difficult to have the quieter, more honest and peaceful voices heard.

Religion blocks spiritual reality!

So we have to drop the “religion” of what we’re about and open up our spiritual hearts together.

I always ask (and did so the other night) “What would Jesus say if He was here?”

Would he stand and debate the rights and wrongs or grammatical differences of such an important message as the Gospel?

Or would He simply roll up his sleeves and get on with doing the work?

Spiritual freedom is not found in the practice of religion. It is found in the understanding of the message of the Gospel.

It is found in the acceptance that Jesus is the truth and the light, He has power and dominion over all the things in Heaven and Earth. He is the son of a living God and He died, having borne all the sin of the world, blamelessly upon the cross to show us the way to our own freedom.

It is in full repentance to Him that you find full forgiveness and from there you can start your journey into faith.

But you don’t need to worry about which church to join, you only have to find your own spiritual truth and knowledge of the Holy Spirit and He will guide you from there. If you end up being pulled in the wrong direction, He will pull you back. But you have to learn how to listen to Him. You have to identify how the Spirit communicates with you personally so you can follow His guidance.

You have to be strong enough to be an individual in your faith and follow your own truth. If you have any doubts whatsoever then you take them to Jesus in prayer and simply as for the answers to be revealed to you. Don’t swallow those doubts down without asking!

The whole purpose of unification is to provide one central voice for God. It doesn’t matter what church you attend so long as they’re an associate member of the unified group.

For years the churches have been getting things wrong by keeping themselves apart and arguing over details. Well now things are different. Now the voice of the Holy Spirit is speaking to them and leading the church.

This is the church of God. It has no title and only those who have been chosen will serve in any leadership position. God does not respect man-made titles or positions of authority. He is not interested in whether you’re a bishop or a cleaner; He only cares about how pure you are so your clean body can house a clean spirit and better hear Him when He guides you to your own destiny.

Religion blocked spirit but now God is stripping it away so He can truly be set free amoung His people and so His people can now find their own spiritual freedom.

Are you part of this great awakening? Have you felt the Spirit pulling at you?

It’s time to wake up and listen. There’s nothing to frightened of. Just don’t ignore it.



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