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The witch’s song

Deep in the earth my soul abides,

In the dark, where roots dwell.

It walks in the steps of a nameless guide

And drinks from a secret well.


It is versed in a long forgotten lore,

It whispers unspoken charms,

And it knows of all that was before

And of some things yet to come.



It fathoms the gloom with unfailing sight,

A witness to ancient dreams

And to many a tear that is shed at night

To feed subterranean streams.


And if it befalls a passer-by

To meet this unflinching gaze,

He shivers with chill, not knowing why,

And hurries away, amazed.



Deep in the earth my soul belongs,

A spark of a buried sun,

An echo of hopes tales and songs,

Unhoped for, untold, unsung.


It is able to cure and yet to harm,

To save and to send astray…

And you, when you hold me in your arms,

Aren’t you too afraid?..


This is the work of a friend of mine, a stunningly gifted and beautiful Russian woman called Mila. She has the purest heart I have ever come across and the wisdom of a thousand years inside of her.


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